Fossette Romana on the prevention of a viral scandal and the end of the cycle of cyber abuse


Roman dimples

“Through the show, we may be able to find a system for how to manage netizens’ reactions to viral posts,” said Dimples Romana, one of the main stars of the new “Viral Scandal” teleseries, about how he believes the show could have. an impact on its audience.

It tells the story of Rica (Charlie Dizon), a teenager caught in a viral video. How Rica and her mother Kakay (Dimples) deal with the scandal is the subject of the current series.

“This happens every single day. What also happens is that when a video comes out, we judge the people we see in it, we comment, we ‘like’ us and, sometimes, we even ‘share’. How do we end the abuse? Hopefully through the show, people are encouraged to find a solution to end the cycle of what to me is a very unhealthy and toxic human connection, “Dimples said during a recent virtual media meeting organized by the show’s producer. ABS-CBN.

“There are so many things about social media and the online world that we still don’t understand. I also think that information is power because when you don’t have it, you are either afraid to talk or you shoot blanks because you have no idea what you are saying. ” which we should focus on is creating a system or a process that we should follow to handle situations like this. “

Dimples added that it’s a shame that the victim’s guilt happens as soon as a video scandal comes out. “It’s like we don’t know exactly what to do with it. Should we report it? Where do we go to report it? How do we determine if it is already an old video or something recent? “

He further said: “I hope that through the show we will be able to answer questions similar to these and, in a way, help people who are going through a similar situation to recover.”

Entire family affected

Regarding her character, Dimples, who is a mother of two, said: “Anything that is said about one member affects the whole family as well. I think now, more than ever, we know and have heard the pros and cons of social media. I also think it’s nice to watch and talk about the effect of whatever we post, both bad and good, especially the ones that go viral. In ‘Viral Scandal’, we dig deep and show exactly what it’s like to be in a family that’s affected by this problem. “

Dimples said she and husband Boyet Ahmee made sure their children, especially their teenage daughter, Callie, understood that whatever they upload to social media also has an effect on the rest of the family. “We have to be responsible for the things we post online. We need to know that it is our responsibility, whether we are artists or not, to be honest because our posts will have an effect on someone else’s life. “

“With Callie, I don’t censor her posts. She is a very responsible child, “Dimples said.” Boyet and I have unconventional parenting styles. We show no tolerance for any sense of entitlement people in our family think they have. We follow the core values ​​of the Filipino family, which are respect, trust and truthfulness; and if you’ve made a mistake, you have to admit it. We always tell her it’s okay to make a mistake while you are still living in our house. That way, we’ll be able to correct you and guide you. So when you’re out there you already know what Do”.

Romana jokes with the other cast members of “Viral Scandal” (from left) Louise Abuel, Miko Raval, Karina Bautista and Charlie Dizon

As for Alonzo, 6, Dimples is convinced that he is still too young to be exposed to social media. “Also, I don’t know what my reaction would be if I read or heard anything negative or wrong about my children,” she said.


About whether she would be willing to forgive those who hurt her or hurt her through social media, Dimples said, “I don’t see why not. I am a sinner, just like everyone else, and I am forgiven by the Lord every single day. Whenever the topic of forgiveness comes up, I always remember the story of Mrs. Cherry Pie Picache. “

Dimples was referring to Cherry Pie’s documentary about the time she finally forgave and visited in prison the man who killed her mother in 2014 inside her home in Quezon City. The victim’s servant, Michael Flores, was arrested and was subsequently found guilty of robbery and murder.

“Sometimes, there are also people who hurt us but are unaware that they have hurt us, and it is up to us to forgive them,” added Dimples. “Yes, I would forgive. For me there is gold in humility, and I think that humility is equivalent to forgiveness ».

“Viral Scandal,” which also includes Joshua Garcia, Jake Cuenca and Miko Raval, will begin streaming on November 15th. The series, directed by Dado Lumibao and Froy Allan Leonardo, is produced by RCD Narratives. INQ

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