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With the nights lengthening and the weather getting colder, the greyhound season is entering full swing as the holiday season approaches. With the coronavirus restrictions changing, allowing spectators to attend the tracks, hopefully the days of eerily quiet grandstands and races taking place behind closed doors are a thing of the past.

Greyhound season

The greyhound calendar may have already seen some of its most prestigious events, such as the English Greyhound Derby in Towcester, won by Patrick Janssens’ spiny hawk but there are still a plethora of great evenings and the track still to be enjoyed.

While it may not be as popular as it once was, greyhound racing still has a dedicated and passionate audience, willing to travel across the country to get the best of it. bet on greyhound racing – with the role of the owner crucial to a dog’s success. With that in mind, we thought we’d looked at four of the most well-known greyhound owners, some of whom were celebrities, and how they’ve performed throughout their careers.

Ray White – Rapid Ranger

Usually a dog that loses its first two consecutive races is canceled and is never considered a winner, but Ray White’s persistence with Rapid Ranger has made him one of the most successful runners in history and a true greyhound legend. After winning the England Derby in 2000, he became only the third greyhound in history to move forward and keep it in 2001. White tried to get him in the following year to swoop into an unthinkable hat-trick, but after an exit. disappointing in the second round, he was withdrawn before being invited to the breeders’ shows and the parade of champions

Darran Keefe – Barnfield on the air

It’s not often that a greyhound is compared to people of the likes of Ballyregan Bob so when they do it is definitely considered a great honor. One of the most famous dogs in the sport’s prestigious history, it is testament to Darran Keefe’s work that these comparisons have been drawn for his results with Barnfield On Air. After reaching the Irish Puppy Derby final, he went on to set the 480m record and win thousands of cash prizes. While his career was cut short due to injury, he certainly enjoyed a sensational ride thanks to Keefe.

Dara O’Brien – Snip Nua

Mostly known for his appearances on the BBC show ‘Make fun of the week ‘, Irish comedian Dara O’Brien was put under scrutiny when one of the greyhounds he owns, Snip Nuathing injured in Dublin. Protesters held demonstrations outside various venues when he was performing part of his tour after his greyhound was fatally injured during a race at Harold’s Cross Stadium, leading to the dog being put down. Controversy aside, O’Brien says he is upset over the greyhound’s death and hasn’t raced with anyone else since.

Mario Lanfranchi – El Tenor

Not to be confused with Robert Malone’s greyhound who performed bravely in the early 2010s, Lanfranchi’s greyhound El tenor reaped much of his success just before the new millennium, picking up the Essex Vase at Romford before winning nine of his 13 jumping competitions before becoming a loyal lover. 69 victories at Nottingham in December 1998 have made him one of the most successful of recent times, almost touching that the record was set in the Midlands, which in recent years have adopted the sport as a spiritual home.

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