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Four North American Bitcoin Miners Who Could Benefit From East-West Shift By Cointelegraph

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Four North American Bitcoin Miners Who Could Benefit From The East-West Shift

Even before China finally wielded the cryptocurrency mining ban hammer, (BTCNorth American miners had been increasing their capacity amid efforts to gain a larger share of the global hash rate distribution. From building larger data centers to acquiring hardware inventories, these establishments have made concerted efforts to balance the dichotomy of hash power between the eastern and western hemispheres.

North American Bitcoin miners often have to deal with energy use concerns as well, and some have been interested in partnering with oil and gas companies, becoming buyers of last resort for flared gas. Indeed, US oil drillers and Bitcoin mining companies continue to collaborate on utilization, proving once again that the potential of Bitcoin’s thermodynamic capability will be a net benefit to the environment, despite criticism. against proof of work (PoW). mining.