Fox News Guest sheds “fake” tears from “culprit” Kyle Rittenhouse


Former United States Attorney Michael J. Moore told Fox News on Sunday that he expects Kyle Rittenhouse to be found guilty of some bosses in his trial of the alleged willful murder of two people and the wounding of a third person.

“I think when you start talking if he’s been hit with a skateboard and that kind of thing by one of the victims, it gets a little more incredible, as he hasn’t had any injuries,” Moore explained. “He had a very scripted exam. You know, that’s hard to believe too. And I don’t think this jury is going to miss the fact that there weren’t many real tears – what appeared to be at least – from a performance in the stands.”

“There is a guy who shouldn’t have had an AR-15 walking in a crowded area where he shouldn’t have been shooting people,” he continued.

According to the former US Attorney, Rittenhouse created a problem by testifying in his defense.

“His answers to me seemed a lot, too scripted,” he said. “Because her answers were trying to fit the law instead of telling her story about what she was really feeling. And I thought her emotional outburst seemed to be false. It’s hard to have a big emotional outburst and then go straight back into saying the law”.

Moore added: “I think it’s likely to be a guilty verdict on at least some of the charges. I think the charge in which Rittenhouse claims he was hit with his skateboard, I think is probably a conviction.”


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