Fox owner Rupert Murdoch said “F *** him” to Trump and okayed Fox News’ early election night appeal for Biden in AZ


Many loyal viewers of the Fox News channel will say that something changed in the summer of 2020. It seemed that the most trusted and conservative cable news channel was slowly developing a “different” attitude towards President Donald Trump.

Even people of this opinion will probably tell you something decidedly changed on November 4, 2020 – when Fox became the first network to call Arizona for Joe Biden in the presidential race.

It turns out that it may have been true.

A July Vanity Fair report which undoubtedly many people have lost provides details from a book by infamous Trump-hating author Michael Wolff, according to whom, in the chaos of 2020 election night, it was Rupert Murdoch – owner of News Corp, which owns Fox News – who personally gave the green light to a early call for current president Joe Biden in Arizona.

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What happened to Fox on election night?

In Wolff’s new book, “Landslide”, he tells about climbing the food chain of the network in which the final decision was made to make the call for Arizona by going to Biden.

According to the book, Wolff says the decision-making process actually started quite high, with Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch and co-chair of News Corp, receiving a call from the Fox polling table, informing him that they were ready to call Arizona for Biden.

This was a significant call because Arizona had been a pretty red state, and now it was essentially turning blue. And, of course, Fox News would be the first to declare Biden the winner.

Young Murdoch, according to Wolff, was not comfortable giving the okay and called his father, asking him if he wanted to make the call. The book claims that Elder Murdoch gave an unceremonious scuffle and declared “fuck it”, referring to President Trump.

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Fox News heads south after election night

Fox News denied any story true thing. But if it was Rupert Murdoch’s hatred of Donald Trump that prompted him to make the fateful call for Biden in Arizona, that hatred swooped into the network that was consistently number one.

In the month following the elections, the The Fox News channel fell below its cable news competitors. CNN has had one of the best viewing periods to date since the election, beating Fox News by some 17 million viewers. At some point, in January of 2021, Fox was finishing third behind CNN and MSNBC.

While the prime-time line up at Fox was still leading, Fox News viewers made their voices heard by changing the channel.

Startup networks like Newsmax and One America News were gaining viewers. At one point, Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” surpassed Fox’s Martha McCallum’s “The Story” by 26,000 admissions.

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Network revolutions

After 2020 election night, Fox News he looked a little shaken from the exodus of viewers and made changes to the decision bench. Chris Stirwalt, editor of Fox Politics, was fired in January and Bill Sammon, senior vice president and chief editor of Fox News in Washington, announced his retirement.

But recently, Fox News announced that Arnon Mishkin made the fateful call for Biden and Arizona will be back on Fox News to work in the 2022 mid-term elections and the 2024 presidential elections.

Does this mean that Fox has learned nothing from election night 2020? We’ll see.

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