Fox plays the conservative victim card for the Rittenhouse judge


As we have already discussed here, the Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is a big mess, mainly because of Wisconsin judge Bruce Schroeder, who ruled that prosecutors could not call the people killed by Rittenhouse “victims”, but it was fair to call them “rioters” and “looters”, went on a bribe on the rule for hearsay, which turned into a discussion of a biblical passage, made an inappropriate joke about Asian food, and his behavior was bizarre from the start of the trial.

Fox “news” experts did their best to do Rittenhouse in a hero, And blaming everyone except the teenager for the murders he committed. Now they also took the case for the judge, who received some threatening messages according to some reports cited by Washington Examiner.

Here are the hosts of this Saturday Fox and friends playing the conservative victim card for Schroeder, and pretending this guy wasn’t a mess in the process.

CAIN: Monday big day in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. Concluding arguments and the jury could consider minor allegations. They might consider minor charges because the prosecution is falling apart on the big charges.

And that, while the judge in the case has somehow become center stage, has become the target of many on the left, and not just on the left, but online as well. The judge is starting to get threatening messages.

The Washington Examiner has compiled a few. Watch this. “Enjoy your mandate, judge, it will be the last. If I ever meet you in person, I expect to spit right in your face regardless of the cost. You’re disgusting. “Here’s another one.” Your Honor, I didn’t know you wore a white klan robe under your black robes of righteousness.

Now, it seems like a lot of people don’t like it … by the way, what he’s doing is doing justice … he’s doing justice, running his courtroom. He’s watching a prosecutor who … for many moments went out of control, and for that he earned the goal.

HEGSETH: I knew immediately that he was going to be a target. But it’s been fascinating to watch this court all week and watch when the jury is brought in, and when they are taken out and then when they are brought in, because the jury deserves to see the evidence that is rightly presented, not excluded. context.

And this judge had to keep this horrible, I mean this prosecutor in line, the nastiest guy you ever have … he can’t help it.


HEGSETH: Pleased as everyone walks out. So he hurt his own case, not just his personality, but with the witnesses he raised through cross-examination he continues to fall apart.

Kyle Rittenhouse did a fantastic job. Simply put, as an 18-year-old boy, talking about what he had to go through. And then the judge tried to check the courtroom. But you might see it. Did you know, the moment he started talking, the left will hate him.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: You’re right. Kyle was a great witness. And my husband always says that the best witnesses are the ones who tell the truth, and that could be part of it.

No, the problem was that this judge appeared out of his mind and like a proud racist from day one. And Rittenhouse looked like it Much more like a crisis actor than anyone with genuine remorse for what happened.

the fox had Rittenhouse’s mother during an interview with Hannity Thursday and told Hannity she would do it again. Maybe the network should stop trying to “help” with your case.


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