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According to former champion Francis Ngannou, if Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic ever fight, it would be something of a cakewalk for Bones… who thinks the Ohio firefighter is “still the most challenging guy” in the division. NOT the current champion!

β€œIt’s going to be tough for Jones. I think not all of us give Stipe the credit that is due. Stipe doesn’t have enough credit. To me, he’s still the heavyweight guy. He is still the most challenging guy in the heavyweight division,” Ngannou, 36, recently reported to TMZ when asked if Jones will beat Miocic.

Of course Francis and Stipe fought twice and both won once. Miocic won the first fight at UFC 226 in 2018 via unanimous decision. The two fighters fought again at UFC 260 in 2021, with Ngannou winning via second round knockout.

Stipe hasn’t entered the Octagon since that fateful night. Despite the 27-month hiatus, Francis clearly feels that Miocic is still the heavyweight champion. Jon is 1-0 at heavyweight after beating title rival Cyryl Gane at UFC 285 earlier this year… a fight the former light heavyweight champion made seem simple.

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Will Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic Happen?

The date of Jon Jones’ first UFC heavyweight championship defense is unknown. Jones has made it clear that he wants to face Stipe Miocic since he won his second division title last March with a first-round guillotine choke over Ciryl Gane. All signs led to the all-time greats meeting at UFC 290 on July 8 as International Fight Week. Sadly, he missed the boat for that event, and there hasn’t been any clarification on how to come up with a new prospect deal for that matchup, or Jones in general.

Daniel Cormier, who is familiar with both fighters in the Octagon and who has been paying more attention to the heavyweight class, thinks it’s time to worry. Jones made his three-year comeback during the fight with Gane, and Miocic could retire as a result.

“Nothing yet. It really looks like we’re going to miss this one too and that’s unfortunate,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “We just lost Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones, one we’ve wanted for a long time. Now we have Jon Jones talking to Tyson Fury, to which Dana said, ‘We’ll make it happen.’ But now we’ve got those guys talking, Tyson Fury and Jon Jones, and for the record, Tyson Fury in a full fight doesn’t stand a chance against Jon Jones. That’s not a knock on Fury.In a singular skill set wearing boxing gloves, Tyson Fury will beat Jon Jones every day of the week.But if they happen to ever go into a full-on fight, Fury has about as much of a chance as a guy who walks into a convenience store down the block to beat Jon Jones in a free fight. It’s not going to happen.”

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