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Freedom Day with self-isolating prime minister and chancellor doesn’t send planned message

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At least they were right to turn in a U

For months, it seems we have been hearing from ministers about July 19, which has been dubbed Freedom Day to mark the end of the COVID restrictions. This was to be a great moment for Johnsson and his team and a time to once again celebrate the success of their vaccination program.

HealthSec Javid then contracted COVID, prompting the NHS’s multi-million dollar testing and tracing service to identify the two men who had clearly had a lot of contact with Javid: Johnson and Sunak.

By the rules, they should have been self-isolating, but then we were told they were part of a test of a new approach, which meant they could avoid the self-isolation part. This sucked and there was a furious reaction on social media and at least this got the two of them thinking again. Not following the established rule would expose them to the very damaging accusation that there is one law for most of us and a different regime for the elite. Given the huge sacrifices millions have made, they only exacerbated the risk that exempting them was the smart thing to do.

It all comes down to Johnson’s obsession with always trying to sweeten the pill of what they were doing with the promise of better things.

Judging from his Tweets, it seemed like Sunak was the driver of the U-turn.

Mike smithson

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