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With the shit show that is the by-election in Dublin Bay South still gurgling, throwing the major parties, and some of the leading candidates, into a less than flattering light, the reactionary press is getting a little nervous at the prospect of Sinn Féin hitting deep into what should be impregnable establishment territory. How else to explain this McCarthyist analysis by John Lee, the politics editor of the Irish subsection of the British-led newspaper? daily mail cluster?

Winston Churchill said of Sinn Féin’s ideological ancestor, communist Russia, that it was “a riddle wrapped in a mystery within an enigma.”

Sinn Féin are so different from traditional festivals that they are a difficult enigma to decipher. There is, perhaps, a code, which can be found again by studying Churchill.

Sinn Féin is a fanatical revolutionary movement. They are so radically different from their rivals that they cannot be judged by their standards.

Sinn Féin believes in the Establishment as Adolf Hitler did in Russia before Operation Barbarossa: “We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will collapse.”

But as Barbarossa shows us, freedom and the desire to defend the homeland are powerful things. Don’t rule out Settlement yet. He still has a chess move or two to play.

Even by Lee’s bombastic standards, this is kind of laughable. But clearly indicative of a Leinster House clique feeling uneasy about the 8th July vote.

Meanwhile, as the Cedar Lounge Revolution notes in your regular weekend media magazine, we have this conspiratorial contribution from right-wing identikit newspaper columnist Larissa Nolan:

We live a much more restricted life now than we did last year around this time, before vaccinations. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to keep lockdown forever, even when the whole country is vaccinated.

For a democracy to prosper it must have a healthy and vigorous press; a means of communication that speaks truth to power. Not one that colludes with power to undermine a plurality of representation and opinion within a democracy or that promotes visions that are toxic to the proper functioning of that democracy.

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