Fugs and Pieces, July 7, 2023 – News Block

I feel like we’re here! I hope my fellow Americans had a fun and festive 4th day and everyone is enjoying their summer. either if you are in the other hemisphere, that you are nice and welcoming.

Speaking of summer, we’ve rounded up a bunch of random things you might need for your next vacation, from Air Tags to baby wipes!

Related: Kim France put up a great post today on her Substack about all the things she’s packing for her long trip to Europe. I love packaging mail.

This was a fun series of posts on Ask a Manager: The Fake Heart Attack, The Very Smart Dog, and Other (Amazing) Stories of Meanness at Work.

I agree with Lainey that Tom Brady’s romance with EmRata would be GREAT for gossip.

Also thanks to Lainey for catching up on the Hamptons 4th of July party gossip!

Related: Leo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were ‘together’ at Christmas parties in the Hamptons. INTRIGUING.

Well this was a ride! In Pajiba: I fell into the Watertok well and I can’t get out

This is fun, on Eater: 29 Great American Diners. I’ve been to two! I love a dinner.

Oh, I love these striped napkins at (of all places) J.Crew! (affiliate link)

Because of the holidays, we only had one edition of Drinks With Broads this week, but it covered a lot of ground: the new Indiana Jones movie, the supposed Uno movie, the mess at GQ, and of course what’s going on with Kyle and Mauricio.

Related, In Vulture: Every Harrison Ford Movie Performance, Ranked

Sign me up! To read this, not to commit a crime: Inside a robbery with the biggest art thief in the world. (T&C)

In Cracked: ‘Horrible, Juvenile, Frat Boy Behavior Is Off The Charts’: ‘Burn It Down’ author Maureen Ryan talks about the bullies, weirdos and cosbys of the comedy world.

Finally, you may have heard that Meta launched its own version of Twitter, called Threads, on Wednesday. It’s basically connected to Instagram; you have to use your instagram account there. Fortunately, our Instagram and Twitter are under Fug Girls, and now our Thread as well. (Threads? I don’t know.) God knows if this will succeed, but it seems to me more likely than any other social network right now, mainly because it looks SO much like Twitter. do you know elon In fact He wants to cage fight Zuck now.

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