Fugs and Pieces, June 23, 2023 – News Block

Happy weekend friends! Have fun. Are you preparing for the 4th of July? I had a blast putting together some delicious wacky items (and some hinged ones, too) for your holidays! Why not just commit and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT?

Speaking of trying, at Drinks With Broads, we take precautions with wine and sample celebrity wines from people who have been featured on sex and the city. Shame on you Jon Bon!

On NBC News: A Tale of Two Disasters: Missing Titanic submarine captivates the world days after deadly migrant shipwreck.

The Strategist explores what 15 famous people bought for themselves when they made it.

Very interesting, in The Ringer: Undercooked: The Curious Case of TV’s Ur-Chef Show ‘Kitchen Confidential’

Are ASAP Rocky and Rihanna married? (This has been a rumor since at least the Met Gala. I suspect so.) (Lainey)

Town and Country covers How to travel with friends, without becoming enemies. I think we’ve all suffered from the journey where you find out your friend is very anal every single moment planned and YOU are more Going with the flow, for example.

Related! We had some great chats here this week: What is your favorite gift? Give a travel gift, get a travel gift!

Club Mental asks: Is your ex a narcissist or just a jerk? A question for the ages!

Really interesting, in Lainey: Real Housewives: Offspring Struggles. I think this experience can affect these children. Eventually, one of them will write a book. Like a proper memory.

FYI, ShopBop is currently having a huge sale. (affiliate link)

The Verge reports: Mark Zuckerberg is set to fight Elon Musk in a cage match. Perhaps the cage will sink into a hole in the middle of the earth! FINGERS CROSSED.

Fascinating: ‘My Dad Got the Gold’: I Solved the Great Toronto Airport Heist of 1952. (National Post)

On the NYT: The rather surreal world of Barbie’s body double. (link given away)

InStyle rounded up the best beauty buys of the year. I LOVE reading a list of the best of!

As those who have read all my yellow stone Coverage in Drinks With Broads will believe, I was very interested in this, in Pajiba: ‘This man is our monster’: Taylor Sheridan incurs a ferocious and deserving backlash. He seems like a piece of work. His ego and Costner’s ego must have been constantly at odds.

This was something that actually happened – I’m a vegan landlord and I forbade tenants to cook meat. (Seems very reasonable, but if I’m paying $4500 for a room, I want to be able to make BLTs at home.) (Enjoy)

This is heartbreaking: Kesha nearly died after freezing her eggs, spent 9 days in hospital (Celebitchy)

I mean… rightly so? Sylvester Stallone says Adele wouldn’t buy her house without the ‘Rocky’ statue included in the deal. Every house must have a Rocky statue. (Socialist life)

This shirt in Loft feels Ulla Johnson-y to me. That’s a compliment. (affiliate link)

I tried to guess what it was before scrolling down, and you probably will too. In Food & Wine: The story of why over 500 UK pubs share the same name

I dunno, you might need this: Lo and behold, Paul Mescal is puffing up for his Gladiator Role. (VF)

Ooooh, do I need to make these shrimp rolls? (Lobster rolls, not spring rolls, or sushi.) (What to cook when you don’t feel like cooking)

I feel like I’ve spent my entire life looking for white jeans that work for me to no avail. Maybe these from J.Crew will finally be the ones!! (affiliate link)

(Photo: Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post via Getty Images; Lisa Cherkasky’s food styling for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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