Fugs & Pieces, November 5, 2021


Good weekend everyone! Hope it’s fun.

Are you starting Christmas shopping? Our gift guide is out this week!

Like this, we were featured on the Again With This: Melrose Place podcast this week and I have to complain about Billy and Allison like it’s 1996! Give it a listen!

So and so: The heir business is a Kindle monthly offer at the moment and you can buy it for $ 2.99 if you want! (This is an Amazon affiliate link.)

Speaking of books, I was so happy to see The Royal We get this lovely thank you in Hillary Kerr’s newsletter, which I LOVE in general.

Speaking of gifts, the new J.Crew Jodie Turner-Smith / Josh Jackson’s ad campaign is SOOOOOOO CUTE. (Speaking of which, Looks like J. Crew is making a big sale right now.) [Lainey; affiliate link to J.Crew]

Speaking of the holidays, uh: Santa’s sexy romance novel is here and we know you want it. (This actually sounds extremely fascinating.) [Pajiba]

I wanted to share this Vanity Fair article when it came out, but somehow it dropped the ball. It’s still interesting: “It looks very messy”: The return of the Golden Globes started in a confusing way.

Fascinating: The biggest unsolved blow in Irish history [Atlas Obscura]

This is Such a great interview with Tom Ford on GQ. (And he answers my questions about how he feels about Gucci’s current makeover of his iconic Gucci suits.)

RELATED, to Fashionista: Great outfits in the history of fashion: Madonna in Tom Ford for Gucci at the 1995 Vmas [Fashionista]

This is an amazing story: The scientist who saved the world [Glamour]

Oh, Is Jennifer Garner engaged? [Lainey]

DELIGHTFUL: Guy Fieri has just agreed to officiate Kristen Stewart’s wedding. [Bustle]

On the tip of the reports, this title really feels like a Mad Lib: Kim Kardashian went to Staten Island for an overnight pizza date with Pete Davidson. (I oddly like them as a couple. They look funny! Pete is probably quieter than Kanye, however. Kanye is certainly very busy as a partner.) [Celebitchy]

This is an excellent piece from our friend Stephanie VW Lucianovic: My 8 year old son is looking forward to being vaccinated. His time has come. [LA Times]

So interesting: When your mother is a ghost hunter. [Texas Monthly]

Even a hellish story, to VF: How the FBI discovered a real-life Indiana Jones in, of All Places, Rural Indiana

This is a good piece. Hope it does well this weekend: Make his marathon debut, with lots of help from new friends [NYT]

This post on Habitually Chic it really made me want to buy some vintage scarves. (I also loved the related post on Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobe in A Perfect Murder.)

This is awful: Bridgerton Regé-Jean Page star’s Instagram is delightful [Socialite Life]


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