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Don’t believe the perverted media. Reuters, NBC News, entertainer John Oliver and Denver 9News fan Kyle Clark would have you believe that parents across the country are simply imagining an infestation of “furries” (kids dressing up and identifying as animals) in their public schools. The gaslighting campaign is so toxically incandescent you can see the glow of a SpaceX rocket.

Let me assure you: you are not crazy. They are.

First, let’s review the headlines of the past week.

Here is Reuters on October 18:

“Fact check: There is no evidence that schools accommodate ‘furries’ with litter boxes.”

Here’s NBC News on October 14 on an article from the huge “disinformation” police squad of four reporters:

“How an urban myth about sandboxes in schools became a GOP talking point.”

Over the weekend, comedian John Oliver dismissed parental sound and fury over furries as “humiliating nonsense” and mocked conservative state lawmakers as “heartbreakingly stupid” for amplifying voter concerns.

Denver 9News fan of conservatives kyle clark two weeks ago he sought to debunk the furry frenzy simply by spitting up blanket denials from several Colorado school districts, including Jefferson County, which told the news station: “There is absolutely no truth to this claim. There are no sandboxes in our buildings and students are not allowed to come to school in costume.”

That misleading stock response was written by Executive Director of Communications Kimberly Eloe; shared with district leaders for “awareness and alignment” (translation: marching orders and echo chamber formation); and sent to multiple media asking about the contagion of anthropomorphic animals. 9News executive producer Nathan Higgins revealed his intentions to neutralize the controversy when he accused the parents of spreading a “conspiracy theory” in his inquiry of the Jeffco schools public relations team for “instances or assertions proven or specific furries in schools”.

Here’s the whole truth, labeled “disinformation” by the perverted media because truly informed nuclear families threaten the Great Replacement Parent agenda:

A parent-child watchdog group in Jefferson County has been harassing school officials about the strange presence of “furries” in Colorado middle and high schools since February 2022. This is not a “Party talking point.” Republican” or an election season ploy. This is not a joke or satire. It’s real, disruptive and sick. Lindsay Datko and a team of eight citizen activists with Jeffco Kids First file Colorado Open Records Law petitions to expose the lies and secrets that drive wedges between parents and their children, not just in curriculum indoctrination, but in all matters related to family autonomy, health and safety.

“We leave no stone unturned,” Datko told me. And that’s why the perverted media and her fellow travelers believe that she and her group must be sullied and destroyed.


On Oct. 13, the county school district’s custodian of records released a 36-page document filled with emails between parents, school officials and other parties recounting the need to control bugs in disguise. I obtained and verified the creepy treasure. In February, a parent had reported to JeffCo’s “head of student success,” Matt Palaoro, about rabid furries at Wayne Carle High School wearing “dog/cat ears, tails, fur gloves, collars, and leashes” while They threatened their opposing comrades. The parents’ son reported that costumed students “hissed, barked, scratched, and meowed” at students who objected to the behavior.

Another child reported that the pack of furries “walked on all fours in the hall” and “also ate with their faces in their food.”

In March, parents at Drake Middle School in Jeffco met with Principal Melinda Feir to alert her to classroom disruptions caused by the human mascot parade.

In April, another parent reported furry sightings at Dakota Ridge High School.

In August, Drake Middle School updated its dress code specifically to ban animal ears and tails. (Public records show the litter boxes were never mentioned; it was Datko’s group that discovered they were being used during the lockdowns.)

Despite a long electronic trail of complaints and red flags, left-wing activist and Colorado Times Recorder propagandist Heidi Beedle lashed out at Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl in a hit piece titled “Ganahl Falsely Claims Children ‘Identify’ like cats…all over Colorado; The schools are tolerating it.’” What Beedle and the publication fail to disclose is that Beedle is, without making it up, an apologist for furries who wrote a 2000+ word celebration of the “often misunderstood community” in 2018 for Colorado. Independent Springs. He singled out a 16-year-old “wolfdog” named “Avedis” whose parents take him to “gatherings of all ages” and quoted “Chip,” a “DenFur” convention staff member, who explained that “although furry is not an exclusively LGBTQ phenomenon, it leans quite a bit towards gays due to its obvious LGBTQ appeal.”

“Furry lets you try on different identities,” the werewolf told Beedle. “If you’re not sure if you’re gay, you can play a gay character. If you are not sure if you are trans, you can play a different gender. Furry lets you experiment.”

Rolling Stone chronicled the spread of this “long-misunderstood subculture” (wow, that sounds familiar) among young TikTok viewers in 2019. High school counselor Dr. Cynthia Morton blogged “Make a safe place for students who identify as furries”. , Therians and Otherkins” in 2018.

Now that parents are blowing the whistle on this dirty infiltration, gaslighters pretend we’re the ones with mental illness and demand that families dox their own children instead of holding public safety threats in schools accountable for its perversity of “diversity”.

Never forget: you are not crazy. They are.

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