Galaxy S22 Plus could give us a taste of what the iPhone 14 will look like


The first The renders of the iPhone 14 are out even before Apple had a chance to unveil the iPhone 13 series. The pictures said iPhone 14 The phones will be the first to feature a notch-free display, with Apple switching to the perforated design used by all Android flagships. Other rumors said that iPhone 14 Pro versions only it will get the perforation displays and indicate that LG may already be working on such screens for Apple. But it turns out we don’t have to wait nearly a year to see if the rumors are true. An insider claims that the Galaxy S22 Plus will look a lot like the iPhone 13 with a hole at the top instead of a notch. Or, in other words, the Galaxy S22 Plus could give us a glimpse of what the iPhone 14 could look like.

The Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra will have different designs

The Galaxy S22 series will be unlike any Galaxy S model manufactured by Samsung to date. This is because Samsung will ship two different designs for the Galaxy S22. The regular Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are expected to be identical, as expected from any Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will look more like previous Galaxy Note models. This is because it is the only one of the three phones to have an integrated S Pen stylus.

Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen
Leaked image of the Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen slot. Image source: Technology on the front page

We’ve seen a lot of unofficial renders for the new note replacement coming from the usual insiders. Therefore real life pictures dropped, apparently demonstrating previous losses. The S22 Ultra will have rounded sides, with an edge display, just like previous Galaxy S and Note models. The inclusion of the S Pen is likely responsible for that design. The stylus should be placed as close to the edge as possible and the bottom side of the phone should have flat corners.

The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will have flat screens, just like the iPhone and other flagships. It’s the most recent comment from a Samsung leaker hinting that the Galaxy S22 Plus could offer an unexpected preview of the iPhone 14’s design.

The rumors about the design of the iPhone 14

Ice universe said about Twitter that the front of the Galaxy S22 Plus looks like an iPhone 13 with a narrower bezel. The “notch becomes a hole,” said the leaker. Ice has been providing details on unreleased flagship phones for years, with a focus on Samsung phones. If the S22 Plus looks like an iPhone 13 with a notch, it means it will also look like an iPhone 14 with a perforated display.

Rendering of iPhone 14 leaked by Front Page Tech. Image source: Technology on the front page

Apple retains the same design as the iPhone for a few years before making any dramatic changes. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are proof of this, as both phones feature the same overall design. We’re looking at displays with narrow bezels, except for the notch at the top. The metal frame has flat sides on both generations of iPhones.

The iPhone 13 features a narrower notch and all iPhone 13 models are slightly thicker to accommodate larger batteries.

With that in mind, it is reasonable to assume that iPhone 14 will remain in place the main design lines of the iPhone 13. But, again, the rumors are that Apple will replace the notch with a perforated display design. Apple will only abandon the notch, not the Face ID camera. Therefore, the Face ID components will be placed under the screen. Or the display cutout will be larger, to fit more camera elements.

The design of the Galaxy S22 Plus has also been leaked

The Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks they were the most exciting, and it’s understandable. The Ultra won’t just be the best S22 version around; it will also have a built-in notch. But the design of the S22 Plus also leaked a few weeks ago. @OnLeaks collaborated with 91cell phones to release the first S22 Plus renders.

As seen above, the Galaxy S22 Plus looks a lot like an iPhone 13 with a suitable perforated display of ice comparison. The S22 Plus doesn’t have flat sides like the iPhone 13. And again, we expect the iPhone 14 to have flat sides. Apple uses the same design for the iPad and the new MacBook Pro. Samsung’s more rounded edges are reminiscent of the iPhone designs that preceded the iPhone 12 series.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S22 series in mid-February, according to recent reports. We’ll likely see more pictures of the three phones by then. Apple will not launch the iPhone 14 series until mid-September.


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