Gambling and History: The Oldest Casinos in the world


When you hear the word Casino, what first comes to mind is the Las Vegas strip clubs, the many resorts, and the gambling world. But this is not how casinos have always been. They started with blood and sweat, and the world’s oldest casinos are a reflection of that. 

If you’re planning to play online slots, enjoy a live show, watch a game, or go to a bar, ensure you’re doing this in some of the oldest casinos in the world. What comes with doing this is the exotic feel of history and the novelty of games and bars. Here’s a list of some of the oldest casinos the world has ever seen:

  • Casino De Monte Carlo 

A gambling and entertainment playground for the rich, this casino has all the class and sophistication. It was built in 1856, around the time James Buchanan defeated Millard Fillmore in the US presidential election. Located in Monaco, it includes slot machines, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, and different types of roulettes. 

  • Casinò Di Venezia

Dubbed the Royal Casino, this one has everything. It was home to prominent families before it turned into a casino in 1638 — the year the Scottish National Covenant was signed. Located in Venice, Italy, the casino offers French tables, slot machines, table games, and everything else you may desire in a casino. 

  • Kurhaus Casino

Also known as the Cure House, Kurhaus Casino is a symbol of healing and restoration. It’s where the noblest folks go to enjoy life. Located around the black forest in Germany, it has stood time and tide. Its opening dates back to 1766, during the Declaratory Act of the British Parliament. Aside from its history, it’s known for its spa resorts, banquet halls, gardens, and orchestra.

  • Kurhaus Casino Wiesbaden

This casino was inaugurated in 1907, when Mother’s Day, paper towels, and UPS were invented. It’s seen so much of life and remains viable to the public. It’s located in Germany, and this is where Fyodor Dostoyevsky got inspired to complete a best-selling book. The casino offers gaming rooms, classic interior features, and unbeatable spas, halls, and restaurants. 

  • Crockfords Club

One of the oldest casinos in the world, Crockfords Club first started as a club for exclusive Britons. It allowed only the creme-la-creme of the British wealthy classes. Till today, it has maintained the long-standing culture of the British and infused this into gambling. It started with approval from Duke Wellington to become the world’s most exclusive gambling casino.

  • Golden Gate Casino

If Las Vegas is associated with a casino, the Golden Gate Casino is at the center of the attention. Located in Las Vegas, United States, it is the oldest casino in all of the region. It started with John Miller opening a tent hotel that saw a nationwide gambling ban in 1909 and the cold and second world war. The casino is famous for its shrimp cocktails, among other things. 


If you want to experience the beauty and glamour of casinos, you should visit the oldest ones. These are gambling houses that have stood the test of time and moments to be where they are now. They have experienced it all — from the most frightening to the most fulfilling events.


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