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Gemma Hayes fans have been waiting a long time for new music but finally, after nine years, she is back with the incredible new single “High & Low”. This amazing song really showcases her artistry and it was worth the wait! She also released an accompanying music video in conjunction with the single release. This officially acts as the follow up to her feature on Above & Beyond’s 2015 single “Counting Down The Days”.

Gemma Hayes is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has captivated audiences with her soulful music and enchanting performances. Despite a lull in releasing new material, Gemma Hayes has remained active on the touring circuit, delivering captivating shows that have garnered sold-out performances at renowned venues including London’s Omeara and Dublin’s Whelan’s. His talents extend beyond the stage, as he has contributed to the soundtracks of notable movies and television series, including the upcoming adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s “Greyhound of a Girl” and the hit show “Pretty Little Liars,” the Gemma Hayes’ debut album, “Night On My Side” propelled her career to new heights, earning her Best Female Artist at the Hot Press Awards and a Mercury Prize nomination. With a discography that spans four critically acclaimed studio albums and one live record, Gemma Hayes has been praised for her ability to seamlessly navigate between profound life experiences and an indie folk/rock style that draws influences from artists like Nick Drake and My Bloody Valentine. In addition to her musical achievements, Gemma Hayes has made notable television appearances, including a performance at TradFest: The Fingal Sessions and a collaborative show with Lisa Hannigan and Paul Noonan, filmed at Cahir Castle and broadcast on RTÉ 2. With Irish and They Are Gearing up UK dates for the autumn, Gemma Hayes continues to captivate audiences with her evocative music and undeniable talent.

“’High & Low’ is about feeling disconnected, but desperately wanting to connect,” explains Gemma Hayes. “In the song, this idea is placed in the context of the pain and longing for a person who is gone, leaving a ghostly feeling of not being fully alive due to his departure. This is not a nice, upbeat anthem for the dance floor!”

“It means a lot to me to release new music this year,” Gemma Hayes continued. “While I never stopped creating during my ‘hiatus’, I actually withdrew from sharing what I created simply because of the little humans who needed me to keep them alive for the first few years of their lives. I really needed music and songs to transport me out of my head and back into my gut. It’s hard not to feel a strange joy as a human being in creating and expressing yourself in an artful way. Writing songs for me is like entering a world where the magic is real, there is a greater sense of vitality.

Watch the official music video for Gemma Hayes’ “High & Low” here:

Proving to all of us that it was worth the wait, Gemma Hayes brings it to life with her incredible heartfelt ballad. Co-produced by David Odlum (The Frames), the song fuels a sense of longing for connection, with Gemma Hayes’ incredible voice shining through from start to finish. Each letter comes straight from her heart and we feel it, deep in our bones. Going deeper into wanting something that isn’t there, wanting to be with someone who isn’t there, really flows into the listener and defines the whole atmospheric production of the track. With David Odlum on bass, Sam Killeen on electric guitar, and Adam Marcello on drums, while Gemma Hayes also took over on deft guitar, piano, and ukulele, “High & Low” really has a searching vibe. soulful with a lightly haunting melody wrapped around an intrinsic rhythm that only adds to Gemma Hayes’ brilliant voice and emotional integrity.

As for the music video, which has been directed by Allyn Quigley, we see Gemma Hayes walking along the beach in Whiting Bay, County Waterford while singing this song, almost showing a moment of pain as she thinks too much while having a drink. time for herself, on the other side of the ocean. sand. As she continues the song, the video connects to the lyrical aspects of the song, adding two shadowy figures performing choreographed routines as she continues to walk. These figures then include Gemma Hayes in her routine as if she’s meant to be the third person in her choreography, but she’s not quite there, her mind clearly elsewhere. This surprisingly connects to the song, as she clearly doesn’t notice what’s going on around her or maybe she’s thinking so much that the shadowy figures are part of her imagination and showing herself. her inability to connect. Overall, this music video concept is beyond amazing and definitely hard to watch.

Stream the newly released single on Spotify here:

Gemma Hayes’ “High & Low” is available to download and stream right now on all platforms via Townsend Music Limited. Be on the lookout for the next studio album from her, which is expected later this year.

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