George Clooney weighs in on the rust incident – Deadline


George Clooney he is unhappy with the way things have turned out on the set of the indie film Rust.

On the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Clooney turned to Rust accident set where a gun fired from Alec Baldwin the director of photography shot and killed Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. He doesn’t think Baldwin had any intention of doing harm, but points out that following the deaths of Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum – both of whom died from prop pistols used during filming that had live bullets / fragments in the chamber pistol safety should have top priority on set.

“Every time they pass me a gun on set – every time – they give me a gun, I look at it, I open it, I show it to the person I’m aiming it too, I show it to the crew,” Clooney said. “Every single one “So,” Give it back to the armor when you’re done. “He said. Partly it’s because of what happened to Brandon. Everyone does it. Everyone knows” this is the protocol to follow. “Maybe Alec l ‘he did, hopefully he did, but the problem is that mannequins are complicated because they look real [rounds]. They have a small hole in the back [from which] someone’s [removed] gunpowder ».

The prop guns on set look so realistic and for that reason Clooney checks two and three times to make sure the prop is not dangerous.

“I mean, every time I’m given a six-gun,” or a pistol that holds six rounds, “you point it to the ground and squeeze it six times,” Clooney said, remarking, “It’s just insane” don’t do it.

The actor also complains of the term “cold gun,” which was what the gun he fired was featured on the Rust set to indicate it was safe for use.

“I’ve never heard the term ‘cold gun’,” Clooney said of his film years. “I’ve never heard that term. Literally. They’re just talking about things I’ve never heard of. It’s just maddening. “


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