Get a front row seat for the autonomous future at the GTC


Everything that moves will one day be autonomous, transforming industries and creating new business models.

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference brings together the leaders, researchers and developers who are building this self-driving future. The virtual conference also includes experts from fields transformed by artificial intelligence, such as healthcare, robotics and finance.

And it’s all free to join.

GTC attendees will be the first to hear the latest NVIDIA news during the opening keynote on November 9, held by CEO and founder Jensen Huang.

The rest of the week features more than 500 sessions on autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, supercomputing and more. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to network and learn from in-house experts about the latest in artificial intelligence and the development of autonomous driving.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from GTC:

Involvement of the ecosystem

The NVIDIA DRIVE The ecosystem includes car manufacturers, suppliers, software startups, map makers and sensor companies that create safe and efficient autonomous driving solutions.

At the GTC, attendees can experience this rich network of companies and hear how they are using GPU technology to transform transportation. These sessions include:

Power the developer DRIVE

Additionally, conference attendees will have access to in-depth discussions from NVIDIA experts on autonomous vehicle development.

The NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Day, which kicks off GTC on November 8, showcases the end-to-end development capabilities of the DRIVE platform and is led by those who develop the technology within NVIDIA.

These sessions include topics such as software development, deep neural network optimization, automated parking Other Mapping.

This virtual content is available to anyone – register today for free and take the opportunity to experience the autonomous future.


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