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Get certified by CompTIA, AWS, and Cisco with this $35 training package

If you want to stay competitive in the job market, it’s critical to make sure you’re always developing new skills. And that’s especially true in the IT field, where things can change pretty quickly. But whether you’re looking to start a new career or work your way up an existing one, CramWise can help you with 2022 Certification Route Package, which covers qualifications from CompTIA, AWS, and Cisco. For just $35, you’ll get access to over 30 hours of content that will prepare you for 13 different certification paths. That saves you over $400 compared to the usual price. However, this offer is only available for today, so be sure to sign up soon if you don’t want to miss out on this discount.

If you’re a complete newbie, don’t worry, you don’t need any previous experience to jump into the lessons. This package is designed with beginners in mind, with courses that will expand your knowledge of the material so you can get the head start you need. Build confidence and proficiency with the essential concepts and techniques for certification and expand your IT skills, without the timelines associated with traditional training. Lifetime access allows you to learn on your schedule.

The courses included in this package cover a variety of topics, from cloud computing to network administration. You’ll be able to practice through comprehensive exam simulations for CompTIA, AWS, and Cisco certifications so you can master the skills needed to get promoted at your current employer or prepare to land the job you want.

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