Get Ready: Celebrate the Day Get Ready!


It’s time to celebrate preparation day! Is your family prepared for emergencies that may arise? This is the perfect time to make a plan and take simple steps that can help keep you safe and healthy in the face of disasters.

APHA Preparation Day is held annually on the third Tuesday of September, National Preparation Month. This year we celebrate Get Ready Day on September 15th!

Natural disasters they are already becoming more severe and climate change is expected to only make things worse. And systemic racism means the effects of both COVID-19 and climate events have been disproportionate communities of color affected. Yet polls show that many Americans are unprepared and don’t have a contingency plan.

Get Ready Day, held on the third Tuesday in September, encourages healthcare professionals, organizations, community groups and students to join APHA to raise awareness of the importance of preparing. The day is also a time to start conversations about emergency preparedness in your own family.

There are many ways to participate in Get Ready Day:

  • Create emergency preparedness plan at home for you and your family. Make it a fun activity for the whole family!
  • Gather emergency escort with plenty of supplies to prepare for COVID-19 and other natural disasters.
  • Make a plan to get this year’s flu shot! Find CDC vaccines shows you where you can get your shot in your neighborhood.
  • Spread awareness on Get Ready Day and promote preparedness by posting Prepare the tools and shareable on your social media accounts using the hashtag #GetReadyDay. You can also share what you are doing to stay safe and prepare yourself at home.

Let us know what you are doing to stay safe and get ready at home!


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