Girl’s best friend was rushed to hospital, her mother accused of carrying out a twisted revenge


After an argument with his daughter’s best friend’s mother, a parent turned to Reddit’s AITA, “I’m the hole A **”, subreddit to indicate his case.

Redditor aitanutandstraw, whom we will call Ann, explained that her daughter’s best friend ate a birthday cake that contained Nutella, something she is allergic to, prompting an urgent visit to the hospital. The friend’s mother gets the impression that this is an act of revenge.

Let’s go into history.

AITA To serve the Nutella cake?

In her send, Ann talks about her seven-year-old daughter Emma and her best friend Kat, who is also seven. It happens that every girl is allergic to the thing the other loves. As Ann explains, “Emma is allergic to strawberries which Kat loves, and Kat is allergic to nuts, while Emma loves, hazelnut and Nutella specifically. ”This is important to know for the drama that is about to unfold.

“[Four] months ago Emma received an invitation from Kat to her birthday party, which was accepted, “wrote Ann.” I have already asked Kat’s mother if I should bring something for Emma, ​​but she assured me that everything is fine”.

Despite this, when Ann and Emma arrived at Kat’s party, they were shocked to see that everything was strawberry themed. Therefore, all the food contained strawberries and Emma could not eat anything. Ann said she and her daughter gave Kat her birthday present and left so as not to expose Emma to an allergic reaction.

When Emma’s birthday came, Ann wrote that her daughter had asked for Nutella cake. Wanting to please guests who can’t eat nuts, like Kat, Emma’s best friend, Ann made sure other options were available.

“I warned Kat’s mom that the cake will contain Nutella, but the cupcakes and other desserts are nut-free.” As the story takes place outside of the United States, it’s important to note that Nutella is advertised as a chocolate cream in Ann’s country. As such, he wanted to make sure Kat’s mother was well advised to avoid any problems.

Although Kat’s mother was aware of the risk, things didn’t go as planned. Emma’s mom said, “Kat’s mom forgot Nutella contains nuts and let Kat eat a slice while my husband and I weren’t looking.”

According to Ann, Kat’s mom was mad at her and had few chosen words. He accused Ann of “avenging her” for the strawberry themed party. She also yelled all of this in front of Emma, ​​who then went on to blame herself for her friend’s troubles.

So who’s to blame if this kid’s birthday party went wrong?

Who was wrong?

In general, commentators were puzzled by this whole birthday drama. Most of the answers jumped into Ann’s defense, determining that she was not wrong.

One commentator remarked sarcastically: “Ah, yes. Sure. It’s easy to forget Grooveit contains nuts. It’s all your fault for not reminding him four times and then checking the cake. “

Many commentators have questioned Kat’s mother’s intentions, calling them “disturbing” or “strange”. One wrote: “You don’t forget after you are told something like this.”

Many in the community found it odd that Kat’s mom threw a strawberry-themed party, knowing Emma was allergic, without informing Ann in advance so she could bring her food. It has been speculated that Kat ate the Nutella cake on purpose. “She may have been ashamed of the strawberry festival and couldn’t wait to do it [Ann] looks worse than it looked. “

However, some commentators have heard on the fence saying that everyone sucks here. Allergies shouldn’t be taken lightly, so why go there? Yes, even on your birthday, when that slice of cake can literally mean the end of your best friend.

One person wrote: “I would say almost [everyone is in the wrong] for making a nut cake knowing the allergic child will be there. “Another repeated those feelings,” Do you and Emma’s low-key mom hate each other in a passive-aggressive way, throwing allergy-themed parties for your kids who are friends? ”

Would you call Emma’s mother if she got a Nutella cake for her daughter’s birthday when her best friend is allergic to nuts? Be the judge.


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