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Glory Kickboxing’s dirty trick exposed as Alex Pereira humiliates rival Artem Vakhitov with unexpected response: “You’re a bit lost”

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Alex Pereira might be the best new addition the UFC has had in recent times. The two-time heavyweight champion in both the UFC and Glory kickboxing world champion saved the UFC’s honor when they were on the verge of losing it at UFC 303. In his short MMA career, Pereira changed the entire dynamic of the middleweight and light heavyweight division by winning both belts in record time. However, despite his professional record, his former opponent is not satisfied with his victories.

Artem Vakhitov, the last man to defeat ‘Poatan’ in the kickboxing arena, believes that UFC light heavyweight fighters lack the conviction to defeat Pereira. Why? Well, according to him, Pereira is nothing more than a normal fighter who uses a basic yet strong attack to force his opponents to get knocked out. His comments took the MMA community by surprise, however, Alex Pereira has come forward with his own statement against the Russian.

Alex Pereira’s fiery response to Glory’s former rival after the defence’s comments


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Russian kickboxer Alex Pereira has fought twice in his career and his record now stands at 1-1. Their initial fight ended in a split decision win for Pereira as he became the undisputed two-division champion at GLORY in 2021. Vakhitov then got his revenge by defeating Pereira via majority decision eight months after the clash. Three years after their last clash, Artem Vakhitov came forward to make some harsh comments about Pereira’s continued winning streak.

Vakhitov has criticized the light heavyweight division for its lack of professionalism. His words struck a chord with Alex Pereira, who was simply enjoying his victory after defeating Jiri Prochazka at UFC 303. The light heavyweight champion took to his Instagram account to add a comment directly questioning Vakhitov’s latest win against him.

“Hey bro, be careful with the people who are giving you this idea. The same person who is advising you that he tried the same thing on me and I didn’t do it because I’m not stupid. “Everyone knows that when they gave you the victory it was because Glory knew that would be my last fight in the Organization and they didn’t want me to give up the belt!” said Pereira.


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He also added, “For you to expose yourself like that, it seems like you are a bit lost, and you almost certainly don’t have a manager. That’s what I think. You should send a message to Joinha (Jorge Guimaraes) because I think he can help you. kid” This was probably the first time Pereira felt so agitated by someone’s words that he took to his social media to add a comment. So what exactly did the Russian say about him? Let’s find out.

Artem Vakhitov criticized Pereira for his recent victories

Following in the footsteps of Alex Pereira, Artem Vakhitov made his professional MMA debut in 2023. The Russian lost his initial fight by dislocating his shoulder. Regardless, he has been rattling off back-to-back wins ever since. Vakhitov has only one dream that can be fulfilled at any time: he wants to fight under the UFC and dethrone Pereira in their championships.


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In an attempt to target the light heavyweight champion, Vakhitov took shots at the entire LHW division, “His biggest weakness is that he’s all attack, no defense. Because of his lack of defense, he’s open to taking a lot of hits to the head if he’s up against a skilled striker.” -Vajitov said. He added, “These other guys haven’t done well against Alex because their punching isn’t high enough. They have no confidence against him and think he’s invincible, so in their hearts they’re already defeated before the fight even starts.”

Challenging Pereira once again, Vakhitov said “But I’ve beaten him before in pure striking competition, and I’m sure I’ll do it again if we can get our trilogy fight in the UFC.” The old rivalry seems to be brewing once again in the realm of combat sports. What is your take on the situation? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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