God bless America! Happy new year! A message from CEO John Tang of The Epoch Times – News Block

This is an email received from The Epoch Times. Hopefully, this message is approved.

Dear reader,

Thank you for opening this email today. We know it can be hard to read everything in your inbox, especially around the holidays, so we really appreciate it.

You are receiving this email because The Epoch Times is running a Giving Tuesday campaign; you may have received a similar one this morning.

I wanted to take a minute and provide a little more context around this campaign, and what I want The Epoch Times to represent in America today.

Many Americans have lost faith in this country after November 3rd. I have seen them myself. I don’t blame them: from almost every address, they hear that the election is over and the results are in.

But that is simply false. There are still so many legal disputes and evidence to investigate. The reality is not as clear cut as many media make it out to be.

At a time like this, my view of The Epoch Times remains unchanged. We will continue to report according to Truth and Tradition as we have always done. My hope is that we can break all the falsehoods Americans are now led to believe and be a reminder of what is real, what is fact, and what our country is supposed to be.

That is why I am asking for your help today. The crackdown on outlets like The Epoch Times has worsened after the election. Many platforms have sidelined and demonetized our content, making it hard for us to show Americans what’s going on.

With your help, we hope we have the resources to be more adventurous in our marketing and reach more people. We want to give you the most accurate journalism so you can see for yourself why you shouldn’t give up hope.

Most importantly, we want to show you that you are not alone…

There are many people like you and me who will keep fighting until we can get America back to the way it used to be.

Thanks to those who have already given. And it doesn’t matter if you give or not, thank you for reading our news.

Many of you write to us to say that we give you hope, but you do the same for us. Each and every one of our readers is a sign that the American values ​​we fight for are still very much alive.

In Truth and Tradition,

John Tang

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