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Google and Microsoft end six-year truce over legal disputes

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The 2015 agreement that made Microsoft and Google agree not to sue the other has not been renewed, possibly because Microsoft appears to have escaped Big Tech legislation plans from the US government.

In late 2015, around 20 different international lawsuits between Microsoft and Google ended abruptly when the two firms negotiated a settlement. That deal was believed to include some financial arrangements, but mostly it saw the two form a pact that just ended.

According to the Financial times, the truce arrangement It was due to be renewed in April 2021. However, both parties reportedly decided not to continue it.

In addition to settling lawsuits ongoing at the time and agreeing not to initiate any new lawsuits, the truce was intended to mean that the two companies would work more closely together. The Financial times says unspecified sources claim the deal did nothing to improve cooperation in areas where the two companies compete, such as office applications and cloud storage.

Another source says Google benefited more from the deal than Microsoft. Microsoft had reportedly hoped that working with Google in this way would result in Windows being able to run Android apps, which it is only now beginning to do.

There’s also the problem that the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee today has been pushing through a series of bills specifically designed to curb certain facets of big tech companies. Google is mentioned repeatedly in bills and debates, as is Apple, but Microsoft has not been included.

On the other hand, Microsoft has denied that there has been any lobbying on its part, to keep it out of the proposed legislation.

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