Google explains why the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner may be slow


There is a lot to get excited about Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but their fingerprint scanners aren’t among those things. From the release of Pixel 6 in October, users complained on its slow and unreliable fingerprint scanner which makes the phone a hassle to unlock. Google has finally responded to those complaints, and while it provided an explanation, it actually offered no solid solution (via Engadget).

In a reply on Twitter, Google attributes the problem to the “advanced security algorithms” used by the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner. Google says these security measures can cause your fingerprint “to take longer to verify or request. a more direct contact with the sensor “. Then it provides a link to aa Google support page this doesn’t really offer much help, other than suggesting making sure your fingers are clean and that you’re using a finger you’ve registered with the phone.

Responses from other Twitter users suggest it may be a hardware problem. The Pixel 6 uses an optical fingerprint scanner under the screen instead of almost ultrasound as the Samsung Galaxy S21Which according to some users could be the reason for the poor sensor performance. But as noted by Engadget, other users on Reddit they say the optical fingerprint scanner works fine on their OnePlus phones, possibly indicating a Pixel 6-specific software issue.

For now, there appears to be no clear-cut solution for the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner, and Google’s answer is vague at best. There is no telling whether Google can correct the problem with a software update or whether the scanner’s so-called “enhanced” security system is really demanding when it comes to printing. The Verge contacted Google with a request for comment but was not immediately answered.

Until Google decides to resurrect Face Unlock, which had its security flaws, you will only have to resort to entering the PIN. Otherwise, the Pixel 6 will test your patience as you try to scan your fingerprint over and over again.


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