Google Maps has just hit a milestone that only two other apps in history have achieved


There is often talk of the popularity of Google Maps among smartphone users. The app powers browsing experiences on Android and iPhone, with the release of Google exciting new features regularly. And now we have hard evidence showing just how popular Google Maps is. The Google Maps app has hit 10 billion downloads on Android, which places it in a very exclusive club.

Only two other apps have ever reached this extraordinary milestone and they also come from Google. One of them is Google Play Services, an app you don’t actively use, which hit 10 billion installs in July 2020. Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the other Android app with the top 10 billion downloads, having hit the figure last July.

Google Maps download record

Google maps result what sighted this week from Android PoliceWhen the app crossed the 10 billion download mark. The figure may initially seem staggering, as the number of downloads exceeds the number of people on Earth. According to data as of May 2021, Google has more than 3 billion active Android users. This is probably the number of people running Google’s version of Android on smartphones and tablets.

Let’s not forget that Google does not operate in China, which is the largest smartphone market in the world. As a result, the Play Store is not available in the region.

But hundreds of millions of people update their phones every year. According to February 2021 by Gartner data, 1.34 billion phones were sold in 2020 alone. And that’s a 12.5% ​​drop from the 1.54 billion smartphones sold worldwide in 2019. Let’s not forget that the pandemic had a significant impact on the global economy, including smartphone sales.

Apple sold nearly 200 million iPhones in 2020 and over 193 million iPhones in 2021. Everything else runs a version of Android. This means that up to 2.5 billion Android phones were sold in 2019 and 2020, according to data from Gartner.

Put things in perspective

Some people have bought their first Android phone in the past couple of years, while others have switched to a new device. Many of them have installed Google Maps on their new devices. This was a first install or repeat download. This is because new phones don’t necessarily come with Google Maps pre-installed. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how apps like YouTube and Google Maps can hit seemingly impossible download numbers.

Google Maps’ 10 billion downloads also help put things in perspective. Long story short, people really want Google Maps on their phones. And the same goes for YouTube. Incidentally, this is a big deal for any business looking to launch a version of Android without Google apps and services. Huawei is one such example.

Waze is also a popular navigation app that belongs to Google despite being a rival of Google Maps. Waze has only surpassed 100 million download on android.

The Google Maps record doesn’t even take into account iPhone installations. Apple preloads Apple Maps on iPhone, but users can download Google Maps from the App Store. Of course, Apple doesn’t offer download stats for iOS apps in its App Store.


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