Google to launch gaming platform ‘YouTube Playables’ – News Block

YouTubers may soon be able to play mini-games via a mobile app or in a browser.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered a memo sent to YouTube employees, saying that a platform called ‘Playables’ is in the testing phase. According to the email, Playables will give “access to games on mobile and desktop devices.” Other than the leaked email, there is no information on when Playables will be available to the public.

YouTube Playables

There is a possibility that Google will not go ahead with the release. The company previously had a streaming game service, Stadia, which collapsed after only a few years due to a lack of effort and scalability. However, a spokesperson said that “gaming has long been a focus on YouTube”, with Playables being the latest effort in the niche.

The playables could join other gaming services like Apple Arcade and Netflix, but only time can tell if the push could succeed.

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