GOP representatives denounce the threats they have received for opposing Trump


rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) and Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) on Sunday lamented the threats they received after breaking ranks from former President Trump and their colleagues with votes cast over the past year. Both Upton and Gonzalez were among the few Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump for “inciting an uprising earlier this year. Upton so addressed. knockback for supporting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act earlier this month.

Appearing on CNN, Upton was asked what he attributes to the threats he received for being among the 13 Republicans who helped overcome the BIF.

Upton replied that “it’s a sad day” to face threats to a bipartisan infrastructure deal. Some House Republicans have turned against their 13 colleagues who voted for the BIF, which they paint as a “path to socialism” now that the Democrats have achieved a legislative victory that the Trump administration has failed to achieve. Additionally, the GOP leadership reportedly expects grassroots lawmakers to organize an effort to remove committee posts from members who supported the BIF, according to Punchbowl News.

“We all know we have a polarized electorate out there, a divided government. This bill I voted for President Biden will sign tomorrow, and it passed 69-30 in the Senate in August. It was a project, ”Upton said.

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Upton noted that he is a member of Problem Solvers’ bipartisan Caucus, which agreed that the BIF should be paid without raising taxes.

“And that’s what we’ve done with this bill, which is why it has received overwhelming support in the Senate,” Upton said, referring to the BIF’s move to the Senate with 19 GOP senators on board, including Senator Lindsey Graham. (R. -NS).

Gonzalez echoed a similar sentiment when asked in a CNN interview about receiving death threats after voting for Trump’s impeachment earlier this year.

Gonzalez said that although he took office expecting to receive threats at some point, he didn’t think it would happen in that scenario.

“It will sound strange, and I don’t mean it. It will sound irreverent, but I have always expected death threats in this work. So, it wasn’t a surprise, “said Gonzalez.” Unfortunately it happened maybe sooner than I wanted, and that’s how it went. “

After stating that the death threats received were not the reason for deciding not to run for re-election, citing a “lifestyle decision” for his family, Gonzalez stressed that “there is no legitimate place for violence. politics nowhere in this country. “

“And the fact that we have seen and, I would say, normalized over the past two years has brought our country back significantly,” Gonzalez said. “It’s one of the biggest things I’m worried about.”

Gonzalez went on to argue that despite disagreeing with nearly all of the Biden administration’s policies, the country “cannot survive burning the Constitution” before hitting Trump for his efforts to de-legitimize democracy.

“We have to stick to the Constitution. This must be the foundation upon which to build our party and our movement, “said Gonzalez.” We must be a party of ideas. We must be a party of truth. And the cold, hard truth is that Donald Trump has brought us into a ditch on January 6. The former president lied to us. He sings to each of us. And in doing so, it cost us the House, the Senate and the White House. “

Gonzalez made it clear that he thinks Trump should not be allowed to hold office again due to the electoral fraud lies he pushed until Jan.6.

“I also see someone who is a huge political underdog,” Gonzalez said. “And I don’t know why anyone who wants to win elections in the future would follow him.”


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