Grandelash VS Lash Boost


    Have you ever noticed that eyelashes though are the smallest but are one of the most influential enhancers of our beautiful face. Even if you are not very fond of eye makeup, just put on some mascara and your eyes will be bang on. But what if the lashes only are weak and don’t grow well. Let’s introduce you to the serum that helps combat all these eyelash problems. With this solution there comes another question: which serum should we use?

    At the end of this unbiased article on Grandelash vs lash boost you will be able to choose a good eyelash serum for you. Eyelashes are the first line of defence for your eyes, keeping airborne dirt, dust, debris etc. from reaching the delicate eye tissues. Aur eyelashes have a lifestyle with each lash having its own cycle because of which they grow differently. With so many products available in the market, there is always a confusion regarding which product to purchase. Therefore this article might prove helpful in clearing your doubts regarding the two most talked about products in the market.

    Grandelash VS Lash Boost

    Before going into more details, it is significant to understand the life cycle of eyelashes so as to understand the stage we are in:

    • Anagen: This is the growth phase that lasts for around 30-45 days in which lashes reach a minimum length. Serums enhances this length even more
    • Catagen: This is a transition phase which stays for around 2 to 3 weeks.
    • Telogen: This is the resting phase of about 90-120 days. In this phase, after remaining intact for some time, the lashes shred themselves and give space for new lashes to grow.

    Grandelash-MD was the first product of Grande cosmetics that entered into the competition in 2008. The serum came as a revolutionary innovation which caught on like wildfire and gardened a huge following. It came as an enhancing serum that gives people long, strong and thicker looking lashes within a time frame of around 3 months.

    Ingredients of Grandelash

    • Vitamin B3- Also known as niacin, it is said to stimulate eyelash growth, prevent lashes from drying out and improves blood flow to hair follicles, leading to strong and healthy lashes.
    • Peptides- Peptides being an incredibly crucial part of the serum that protects the lashes and brows from breakage and damages. This revitalises and strengths the lashes and provides healthy looking hair.
    • Amino acids- This nourishes and repairs the damage to lash hair protein improving lash shine and elasticity.


    • Noticeable result in 4-6 weeks
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable
    • Strengthens the lashes
    • Safe to use with lash extensions
    • Improves the lash length
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Paraben free
    • Nourishes and repairs damaged lashes


    • Non refundable
    • Can be itchy and irritating sometimes
    • Skin around eyes become darker
    • Can cause a change in eye colour 

    Customer Reviews

    Svitlana says “I really love the product. My eyelashes really look different now. Much much longer and healthy. I have been using it for 2 months now and I started to see a difference within 3-4 weeks. It’s highly recommended”

    Geordyn says “I was recommended this product by my friend. She too had shots and rough lashes as I do and we were done with lash extensions. I can feel that my lashes are more smooth and healthier within 4 weeks of using the product. Although when applied initially the product caused some irritation but that was for a short span of time”

    Lash boost is manufactured under the brand Rodan+Fields that entered into the market in 2007 again after being sold out in 2002. Rodan+Fields being the biggest skin care provider in the US generated huge amounts of sales with lash boost. Lash boost gained a huge attention as it is not only lash but is also a brow serum. It is known as a product that provides longer and darker looking lashes and also increases the length and volume of eyelashes and brows. The noticeable results are expected in 4 to 6 weeks but to view the change completely, patience of around 3 months is required.

    Ingredients of Lash Boost 

    • Keratin- The silicon rod covered in a keratin formula smooths out and strengthens the lashes giving them semi permanent shape.
    • Hyaluronic acid- This acid is a well known hydrator and it is a stellar ingredient that hydrates the lashes and makes them healthier.It is essential to avoid thinning, brittleness and lash fall out.
    • Pantothenic acid- This penetrates the hair follicles to add strength.


    • Suitable for both eyelashes and brows
    • Easy application process
    • Makes the lashes smooth and healthy
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Moisturises and strengthens the lashes
    • Makes lashes and brows look darker and fuller


    • Quite costly
    • Almond extract in the serum can cause irritation if you are allergic to nuts
    • Can cause burning or paining sensation over eyes

    Customer Reviews

    Selena says “As I have grown older my eyelashes have almost become non existent. I looked like I had no lashes. With the consistent use of this product my lashes are growing longer, darker and healthier. I am happy to use it”

    Samantha says “Although this product is helpful in growing long lashes, it causes extreme itchiness and irritation around the eyes and I couldn’t resist rubbing them. It is an advice to go through the ingredient list or consult your physician before using this”


    Can Grandelash change your eye colour?

    Though Grandelash doesn’t approve of any change in colour of eyes, according to reviews it can be concluded that some people felt that this product darkened their eye color.

    Can lash boost be used with lash extensions?

    No, it is not recommended to use lash boost with lash extensions.


    Coming to the confusion solving paragraph relating to the result of Grandelash vs lash boost we can conclude that both serums stand unaffected on their claims. However, considering the investment, lash boost is costlier than Grandelash.But if one can invest that amount, it is a good option.

    Moreover both serums can show some side effects such as irritation or itchiness but these side effects are quite less in Grandelash as compared to lash boost.  Both are quite good options to explore but try to be vigilant with your purchase and if necessary consult a physician.


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