Great Gift Ideas for an Employee’s First Day


Despite recent uncertainty in the UK jobs market, employment is stable – and even primed for a boom. The rate has remained relatively steady at around 75% in 2021, as growing companies continue to welcome new staff. But the act of onboarding fresh talent is more than simply having them sign a contract – it’s crucial that they feel welcome, right from the off. Here are some gift ideas for new employees.

Branded Work Supplies

One way to welcome a new employee is with branded items, bearing your company’s logo or information. Gifting them their very own business cards will make them feel like part of a team, while stationery such as pens, pencils and rulers will come in useful at their desk and at home, reminding them of their workplace mission. You could even gift them a branded mug, from which they can enjoy any hot and cold beverages of their choosing.

A Hamper of Food and Drink

Another excellent gift idea is to put together a bespoke hamper of nibbles and treats for your new employee. With a little preliminary knowledge about their dietary requirements, you can customise this hamper accordingly – demonstrating that you, and by extension your company, care about your employees.

Rather than buying bigger statement items, fill the hamper with smaller pieces. Include chocolates and sweets, posh crisps and maybe a craft soda or two to wash them all down with. They can take the hamper home, or keep it at work for snacking on.

A Congratulatory Bottle

Alcohol can be a celebratory gift, but only if given in the right circumstances. Before you even consider the prospect, you should ask yourself if it is the right idea – and think about asking the new employee about their relationship with it. Some people cannot drink for religious reasons, while some have a medical or personal reason to avoid it.

While it can be a touchy subject for some, for many it is a wonderful treat – especially if you buy according to their preferences. A decent bottle of red or white wine can go a long way, while a small bottle of whiskey from a renowned distillery may be more to others’ tastes.

Unique Desk Accessories and Ideas

And finally, you could also make an impact by bucking the trend completely and choosing something unique for them to enjoy at their desk. This could a be a kit for growing a small houseplant, or a concrete pen tidy for a chic and useful desk accessory. Think outside the box for fun things that could brighten their day or their desk and really make your new starter feel like one of the team.


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