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Gundam Evolution is a fun and free Gundam-y alternative to Overwatch


Not sure if I should recommend Gundam Evolution To the people. My feelings can be summed up with a vintage phrase. futurema fried meme: I’m not sure if Gundam Evolution is a good game, or if I like Gundam too much to see its faults.

What makes my confusion harder to shake is that other people they are enjoying the game too. People that may not even care about Gundam! Some of them are even saying it is better that surveillance 2, another big-name hero shooter coming out next week. Some of that may just be bitterness over the fact that surveillance 2 it’s not just a sequel, but a complete replacement for the original Supervision.

If Blizzard’s decision has left you looking for a new hero shooter, let me try to answer your questions about Gundam Evolution. Not because I know a lot about Supervisionbut because I know too much about Gundam.

It’s fun! (and free!)

You may not be able to tell if it’s “better” than surveillance 2but I can definitely report that Gundam Evolution it’s a good time Despite being giant metal robots, these Gundams fight and die fast. You’ll likely respawn frequently while trying to capture or defend points or detonate and disarm bombs, so you’ll never be short of action. There are no strict character classes here, even the most supportive mobile suits have enough firepower to make most 1v1s a test of skill. Best of all, it’s free and widely available for PC and consoles, so you can easily give it a try.

Microtransactions are bad

Gundam Evolution it may be free, but it’s also loaded with microtransactions. There are loot boxes, five characters you can pay to unlock, a season pass, and deluxe editions that include premium currency that you must use in 120 days or it expires! You can work on the free tier and earn enough non-premium currency to unlock a Gundam if you put in enough time, but you’ll have a very boring looking profile for a long time. At least it’s not locking new characters behind a battle pass like surveillance 2.

It looks more like Overwatch 1 than Overwatch 2

Gundam Evolution has teams of six players, just like Supervisionsurveillance 2 is moving to teams of five people. Unlike Overwatch 2 Gundam Evolution Has stun attacks. Only five of the 17 mobile suits are locked at the start of the game, unlike the heroes in surveillance 2. Are there more similarities? Quite possibly, but this is the extent of my Overwatch knowledge.

No you can’t play as Deathscythe

Gundam Evolution not only does it lack a playable XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe, but it actually lacks references to the only Gundam series that many American fans have seen. Big oversight or a $20 purchase in the future? Who can tell?

Deathscythe and all his friends from gundam wing they are not in Gundam Evolution (even)
Image: Sunrise

Playable Gundams include some deep cuts.

Gundam Evolution It features a total of 17 playable mobile suits today (all of these robots are considered mobile suits, but technically only a few of them are actually Gundams). This includes many popular mobile suits from the original series, including Zaku, Guntank, and the original RX-78-2 Gundam, as well as modern suits like Unicorn Gundam and Gundam Barbatos from Iron blooded orphans.

More surprising are the costumes that round out the roster for the early Zeta and ZZ Gundam, like Methuss and Asshimar’s transformation. Other playable character appears only in a Gundam manga and video game. Best of all, the game has two suits of the relatively dark convert a gundamwhich aired in Japan at the turn of the millennium but only came to the US via DVD in 2015. This is important because this Gundam has a mustache and you can play as him and he’s good.

The Turn A Gundam is the only Gundam with a mustache.
Image: Bandai Namco

Playable characters are not always screen accurate.

Gundam fans should be prepared for canon inaccuracies from the start, and the game says so in the character info screens. Gundam Evolution it’s not interested in tight adherence to the source material and, frankly, it’s a better game for it. Sure, the oddly named “Gundam Hammer” morning star is far from the RX-78-2’s most iconic weapon, but it’s a fitting secondary ability here. Other units are given weapons and abilities they’ve never had before to make them more balanced fighters.

You don’t need to know anything about Gundam to enjoy Gundam Evolution

There is no story in Gundam Evolution. Unlike Overwatch, which has a single setup that all characters come from, Gundam Evolution it’s more like Super Smash Bros. or Multi Versus, where a group of characters from completely different series or timelines fight each other for no good reason. The most important thing is to decide which character will be your first Gunpla build.

Gundam Evolution is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.



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