Hawkeye release schedule: when is episode 1 coming to Disney Plus?


Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner are teaming up for the new Disney Plus series.

Marvel Studios

With a stellar cast, a dog named Lucky the Pizza Dog, and most importantly, Christmas cheer, Marvel’s Hawk eye promises to be a healthy gift when premiered during the holiday season.

The six episodes Disney Plus the series will debut on November 24 with not one but two installments. The series stars Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, a young archer and no. 1 fan of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), aka Hawkeye. The two work together to defeat the enemies Barton has chosen as his ruthless alter ego Ronin – and they must do so to get home in time for Christmas. Health levels are off the charts.

Hawkeye episode release dates and times

Here is the complete release schedule for Hawkeye on Disney Plus.

  • Episode 1: Available Wednesday, November 24 – 12pm PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT
  • Episode 2: Available Wednesday, November 24 – 12pm PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT
  • Episode 3: Available Wednesday, Dec. 1 – 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 8 am GMT
  • Episode 4: Available Wednesday, Dec. 8-12 am PT / 3 am ET / 8 am GMT
  • Episode 5: Available Wednesday, Dec. 15 – 00:00 PT / 3:00 ET / 8:00 GMT
  • Episode 6: Available Wednesday, Dec. 22 – 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 8 am GMT

Hawkeye Official Trailer: “The Best Gifts Come With a Bow”

Here’s the full official trailer, where Christmas word games and archery are the order of the day.

And the latest teaser clip:

The stellar cast (and spinoff series)

Hawkeye Stars:

  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop / Hawkeye
  • Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother
  • Fra Fee as Kazi, a mercenary
  • Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne, Barton’s first mentor
  • Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez / Echo, a deaf Native American who can perfectly copy another person’s movements. Variety reported in March that Marvel was in the early stages of an Echo spinoff series for Disney Plus.
  • Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, Maya’s father
  • Brian d’Arcy James in an unknown role
  • Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova / Black Widow
  • Shock, a golden retriever, plays Lucky the Pizza Dog


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