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HBO Max emailed a mysterious “Integration Test” to all subscribers

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Social media was in an uproar tonight after thousands of HBO Max subscribers received strange emails titled “Integration Test Email # 1.”

The email was likely a mistake by an HBO Max developer or marketer who ran some testing on their platform and mistakenly sent an email to all subscribers on the streaming network.

There is not much in the email as it simply has a subject of “Integration test email # 1” and a message that says, “This template is used for integration tests only” as shown below .

Integration test email # 1 email from HBO Max
Integration test email # 1 email from HBO Max

The email was from [email protected], and the email headers clearly show that the email comes from the hostname ‘abmail.mail.hbomax.com’, a CNAME for u6146175.wl176.sendgrid.net.

When HBO Max sent the email through Sendgrid, a popular email marketing platform, it was likely a marketing test that was mistakenly sent to all registered HBO Max accounts.

Even though the email was harmless, Twitter recipients had fun making lighthearted jokes about HBO Max’s misguided email blast.

Bleeping Computer has contacted HBO Max to inquire about the email, but has not received a response at this time.

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