Headed to Cooperstown: Braves’ Joc Pederson’s Pearl Necklace Heads for Hall of Fame


Joc Pederson’s pearl necklace has become synonymous with the Braves’ postseason run.

Truist Park fans would have been spotted wearing replica pearls as the odd fashion statement was recognized during the postseason. Now that the Braves and Pederson have won a World Series ring, the necklace is going from the batter’s box to Cooperstown.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Stephanie Apstein, that pearl necklace will be sent to the Hall of Fame following the Braves’ World Series parade on Friday.

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While the necklace will be part of the Braves’ history rush, it won’t be the same that most fans witnessed during the post-season rush. According to Apstein, Pederson’s original necklace broke during Game 3 and he had to take his jeweler to Atlanta to replace the pearls for Race 4.

Pederson had been wearing the original pearl necklace since September 29, with little explanation behind its meaning other than saying it’s a mystery to everyone, and then saying it’s because he’s a “b-bad”.

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According to a report by Apstein, Pederson had contacted Gabe Arik, owner of Happy Jewelers, to design a pearl necklace to “make a fashion statement”.

In Apstein’s report, Arik explained that the necklace is not the usual high-end jewelry that baseball players wore. He said the necklace, although made with high-quality pearls, costs more than $ 4,000, as opposed to another gold and diamond necklace which comes in at around $ 40,000.

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It goes without saying that baseball fans didn’t have to pay that price for their versions. According to Apstein, it only cost fans about $ 5 to own a replica.


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