We love Christmas and give lots of gifts, but sometimes finding the perfect gift isn’t easy. We have made it our mission to find beautiful gifts for the women in your life. Happy shopping!

Silk’n Infinity Permanent hair reduction

Give a beautiful skin this Christmas and a permanent hair reduction. Who wouldn’t want to throw that razor away and have permanently silky, hairless skin? Silk’n Infinity is very easy to use and can be used on both the body and face. Hair removal is also painless, it is best to use it weekly for about 12 weeks and then recharge when needed. To use it, simply place your fingers on the back of the device and on the button at the same time. It is designed to use eHPL, which is a combination of glavanic energy and optical energy, which widens the pores and lets the light reach the hair follicles, without any irritation. There is also an app that reminds you to use the device, what not to love!

Available from boots for £ 265.00

Olverum bath oil

We are huge Olverum fans at Heart London Magazine and although we feature this bath oil in our Christmas FOR HER guide, I know from personal experience that it can be used by anyone! This wonderful bath oil fills the bath with a wonderful eucalyptus scent, while the oil hydrates the skin giving you a truly relaxing experience for mind and body. The oil is formulated with natural plant extracts, each with their own traditional therapeutic properties, providing a truly meditative and uplifting experience to restore the essential. 125ml is enough for 25 baths, so a little really goes a long way!

Available to Olverum for £ 36.50 for 125ml

PMD Elite Pro Personal microderma

This is another great product that we have tried and tested. The easy-to-use personal microdermabrasion tool leaves you with clean pores and soft baby skin. The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro smooths skin like no other product, and for the cost of an in-office microdermabrasion appointment, you can have unlimited sessions at home. The cute carrying case keeps everything in one place and stays charged for a full month! The treatment is quick and painless, you simply have to choose the head you want to use and guide it on the face. As it exfoliates, the device sucks into the skin. After the session, the skin is able to better absorb the products. This is a wonderful product and is sure to make the perfect gift!

Available from for £ 269 from PMD Beauty or Harrods

Remington Wet 2 Straight Pro

You can trust Remington for quality products, and the Remington Wet 2 Straight Pro is truly exceptional. You can cut your hair drying time in half without sizzling your gorgeous tresses with Remington’s built-in moisture sensor and ventilation system, which intelligently detects and removes water during styling. The plate has a digital temperature screen on the top plate and three buttons on the left side: + and – for heat and an on / off button. You can also control the temperature settings with 10 different options up to 230 degrees Celsius. By pressing the + button for several seconds, you can activate the “wet” mode, which is safe for use on wet and recently washed hair. Wet2Straight Pro is easy to grip and the product does not overheat while holding the straighteners on your hair. Comes with a long cord so you can reach the mirror wherever your outlet is and a small carry bag. The perfect Christmas gift!

Available from Argos, Amazon’s Verry for £ 49.99

Odile Paris OR, j’étincelle – The Flash Eye Lift

Give beautiful eyes with Odile Paris OR, j’étincelle – The Flash Eye Lift. This delicious and easy-to-use light gel brightens and enlivens the delicate eye area. It is formulated with Rhodiola Rosea root extract and caffeine to reduce swelling and yeast and milk protein extract to nourish and firm the eye area, OR, j’étincelle will leave you with bright and lifted eyes. Just put some around the eyes and the skin immediately appears fresher and tighter. It’s an eye lift in a bottle. If your eyes are looking a little tired or you just want a fresher look, this is the perfect product and the perfect gift.

Available from Odile Paris for £ 45.00

Angela Langford thirsty for work

Angela Langford’s products are another Heart London Magazine favorite, and this delicious anti-aging moisturizer is a fantastic product. The cream is created with raspberry, rosehip and Q10, along with chia seeds and argan which improve elasticity and protect the skin from damage. Arctic black currant repels wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated. The scent of the cream is divine and easily penetrates the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed. Give beautiful skin this Christmas, any woman or man in your life will love it as a gift!

Available to Angela Langford for £ 37.50 for 50ml

ProCook wooden spatula

ProCook has a wonderful selection of kitchen utensils for those who love to cook and this quality spatula is not only excellent value for money for just £ 3 but also serves as a filler. The spatula can be used with non-stick cookware to prevent damage and can withstand temperatures up to 260 ° C. It is made of 26.5cm silicone with a durable smooth beech wood handle. ProCook also offers a 1 year warranty and provides next day delivery.

Available from ProCook for £ 3.00

Alice Scott double-sided cloth

Time to get rid of the disposable face wipes and gift the Alice Scott Double Sided Wash Cloth. One side is smooth which is great to use for removing makeup and the other side is excellent for exfoliating the skin for deeper cleansing. You can also use it in the show to help remove dead skin. This multipurpose cloth is great value for money at just £ 3.00.

Available to Tesco for £ 3.00

Alice Scott vegan dry body brush

Dry body brushing is the foundation for beautifully radiant, healthy-looking skin by removing dead skin cells, increasing circulation and encouraging cell renewal. This vegan body brush features an elegant wooden top, a handy strap and stiff bristles. Body brushing can work wonders on cellulite, actively increase blood flow and discourage fluid retention while softening and toning the skin. Just brush and apply your favorite moisturizer. Give beauty this Christmas with Alice Scott Vegan’s beautiful dry body brush.

Available from Tesco for £ 4.00

Alice Scott Vegan Bath Brush

The vegan bath brush is ideal for both dry body brushing and cleaning in the shower. The handle is made of FSC certified birch wood and the natural cactus bristles energize the body, leaving the skin fresh and invigorated. This delightful gift leaves your skin smooth and soft, makes it easier to reach those hard to reach areas while giving you even skin all over.

Available from Tesco for £ 7.00

Rapid Glam Mascerum (Serum, Mascara and Primer)

It’s easy to love this innovative product as your lashes can grow as you use your daily mascara. With traditional eyelash growth serums I always forget to use them, as Rapid Glam Mascerum is a serum and mascara in one that I will never forget. It comes from the makers of the award-winning RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum and is the world’s first 3in1 “mascserum”, combining the signature RapidLash serum with a fiber-infused primer and the blackest black pigment. In just 6 weeks your lashes are longer and while you wait for them to grow, the fiber-infused primer ensures they give the illusion of volume. A lovely and very welcome gift.

Available from It looks fantastic for £ 24.92

Christmas Eve Cocoa – Yankee Candle

Let the spirit of Christmas linger in your home this Christmas with this sensational Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Cocoa Candle. Once lit by a match, the enchanting scent of the candle hits your nostrils and you automatically see your home decorated by the Christmas lights, the smell of the fireplace, the stuffing, all the Christmas dishes with your family sitting around the table and hugging her together. The beautiful top notes of citrus, vetiver, mint, marjoram, cloves dance slowly in the house while the middle notes of sandalwood, vanilla, flower, geranium, tuberose soften the top notes, creating a sweeter and tastier scent reminiscent of candy. The base notes of white woods, praline musk and patchouli perfectly complement the scent, allowing the candle to end with a high with a burn time of 65-75 hours. A great candle for yourself or someone you love, spread the joy of Christmas and cheer in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with this magnificent Christmas Eve cocoa candle.

Available to Yankee Candle for £ 20.99

Lovendu – Diaries of self-love and well-being

Lovendu has produced different types of journals to aid your well-being, teaching you to love yourself, motivate and manifest towards your short and long term goals in life. The Wellbeing Journal was created and designed to improve your mental wellbeing by providing you with a space to mentally relax and reflect, something important as many people’s wellbeing and mental health were affected during the pandemic. The Wellness Journal includes Mood Tracker, awareness activities, daily gratitude, inspirational quotes and cognitive-behavioral worksheets while the self-love journal is a beautiful journey to improve your self-esteem, increase your confidence and learn to love every part of yourself. It includes 14 weeks of self-love exercises with positive affirmations to remind you of your self-esteem, 30 days of gratitude to practice gratitude and start the day right. You can also write down and track your habits, goals, progress, and inspiration. Both feature 180 pages, 14 weeks of daily journaling, hardcover, A5 size, silver foil details Silver corner protectors. A great gift especially for New Year to start addressing those New Year resolutions.

The Self-love diary & The wellness diary are available in Lovendu for £ 20.00

540 Perfume Inspired By Baccarat Rouge

Five Forty, The Fragrance World’s interpretation of Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume for women screams warmth, love and seduction. A splash will be enough to start the day. Whether you’re running errands, going to work, visiting friends or family, or even going to the gym, this gorgeous scent doesn’t disappoint. Excellent value for money, large size to carry in a clutch or bags when you go out and it smells for a long time. A great product.

Available to The direct perfume for £ 4.95


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