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If you’re over 40, you’ve probably had enough of the fashion rules. You probably grew up following certain style guidelines: no black and brown mix, no post-Labor Day white, and absolutely no pattern!

Well, we’re all over the rules and regulations when it comes to style, especially with regards to guidelines on how you should dress at 30, 40, 50, etc. Fashion is all about self-expression, and that includes pairing together whatever color you choose. Now, designer Ripley Rader is taking on a common outdated fashion “law.”

It has long been the rule that navy blue (or any shade of blue) and black should not be worn together. Even though this “rule” has been debunked time and time again with countless stylish outfits that have blended the two seamlessly, it’s still a widely held belief. But Rader believes in the couple so much that she even dedicated one of her Instagram styling sessions to the subject.

He began the reel by talking about his personal love for the navy blue and black color scheme. “I grew up in the South,” she explained, “and they always said it looked like a bruise, which I think is funny. But I love it, and I think it’s a very chic combination.”

In the video, he wore a pair of ankle-length black wide-leg pants with a navy turtleneck, an oversized black blazer, and white sneakers. For dressier occasions, she demonstrated how to elevate her outfit by swapping out white sneakers for black heeled boots or black patent leather pumps. Her outfit looks simple yet elaborate and exudes confidence.

The same can be said for many outfits that have used the same color scheme. These are some of our favorites.

From the ruffled navy top to the black combat boots and everything in between, we’re in love with this fun look!

This outfit screams comfort without losing any style points. The pleated skirt, cozy sweater and white sneakers are teamed with a fabulous fanny pack from Coach.

These bright blue pants create the perfect pop of bold color in this black and blue ensemble.

We love a good neutral color scheme. A caramel sweater over a navy top with black pants and white Veja sneakers looks casual and surprisingly stylish.

All oversized navy and black? Especially when you need to bundle up for those cold dreary winter days? Yes please!

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