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Holly Madison denounces Hugh Hefner’s alleged ‘verbally abusive’ behavior on the Girls Next Door

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Holly madison is talking about the late Hugh Hefner and his alleged “verbally abusive” behavior.

In a recent YouTube video, the 41-year-old ex playboy Bunny talked about her time on the set of the reality series. The girls next door and how the Playboy mogul would supposedly attempt to create tension between the women in the mansion and on the show.

“Even before the show was there,” he said. “He would create a double standard and different rules for girls and it was designed so that he could have a big ego and feel fought over … It was really gross, in my opinion.”

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Holly madison
Holly Madison spoke about Hugh Hefner’s “verbally abusive” behavior. (Youtube)

“In my relationship with Hef, things had gotten so bad that he became verbally abusive overnight and I was panicking,” she recalled.

“It got to the point where everyone else was leaving and I was the only one and you’re just dealing with that other person one on one, then you really start to see their true character.

“I just panicked. I was like I didn’t care what I gave up, I have to get out of here.”

Holly madison
Holly Madison also claimed that much of what was seen on screen was an invention. (Youtube)

When the show finally ended in 2010, Madison said she was “a little sad that the fun times were slipping away, but not to the point where I stopped to reconsider my decision.”

Madison also claimed that the producers fed their lines and made up stories to make the show more interesting; She said she would spend a lot of time in Hefner’s room so they wouldn’t film her.

Earlier this month, the reality star offered details about her seven-year romance with Hefner. During his appearance in the Call your daddy Podcast on April 7, the 41-year-old talked about the “boring basic sex” they had. Madison also said that the only way the girls could move to the playboy mansion was if they slept with Hefner first.

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner
Madison said she was “a little sad” about the end of the show “but not to the point where I stopped to reconsider my decision.” (FilmMagic)

“I had to sleep with him first,” Madison recalled on the podcast. “I’m not trying to embarrass anyone or anything, but no one was asked to move in unless they slept with him.”

After your time The girls next door, Madison got her own reality show, Holly’s world, before marrying businessman Pasquale Rotella in 2013. They welcomed two children, daughter Rainbow, eight, and son Forest, four, before separating in 2019.

Hefner died in 2017, aged 91, and left his third wife, former Playboy playmate Crystal Hefner (née Harris).

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The Girls of the Playboy Mansion: Then and Now

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