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More than a million vehicles are affected.

Backup camera inside a Honda Odyssey.

If you’re having trouble with your Honda’s backup camera, you’re not alone. Honda is recalling 1.2 million vehicles due to a faulty coaxial cable connector, which may prevent the backup camera from appearing on the infotainment screen of recent Odyssey, Passport and Pilot models.

Honda claims they have received 274,000 warranty claims related to this issue. It also extended the warranty on some vehicles to help mitigate the problem; Clearly, Honda now wants to fix the problem with a proper recall.

These are the models affected by this recall:

  • honda odyssey: (2018-2023)
  • honda passport: (2019-2023)
  • Honda Pilot: (2019-2022)

Recall notices will be sent to affected customers beginning July 24. To resolve the issue, dealers will install a new wire harness on recalled vehicles. This process is completely free of course.

Please note that all vehicles made after 2018 contain a backup camera. This is a massive recall and will keep Honda dealers busy for a while. If possible, try to schedule an appointment early in the morning when you receive your takedown notice.

Source: Honda, NHTSA, AP News

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