Hooniverse asks: what is the best all-around car?


I have been in the Mercedes-Benz S580 for the last week. Yes, it’s pretty expensive with a north label price of $ 140,000 as tested. But it’s hard to find anything wrong as it relates to your average car. There’s tons of power from the twin-turbo V8. The seats are incredibly comfortable. It’s really enjoyable to hear blaring music from the 1,750 watt Burmester sound system, all security systems are best in the business. And it’s incredibly quiet inside the cabin. Plus, it stands out in a subtle way. There is no need to shout here. It’s one of the best vehicles I’ve driven from the standpoint of providing everything you need from a top-notch car across the board.

I love this car. It’s the best … car.

Yet I know you will all have far better answers. You always do. This is too expensive and too stupid an answer, but it is my Answer. what’s up? your Answer?


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