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He Hoover Police Department held a Press conference Wednesday (July 19) and officially questioned carlee russell history. Authorities suggest that Google searches of him show that he may have been seeking to leave the area on his own.

Authorities also released his 911 call in its entirety during Wednesday’s press conference.

Carlee’s 911 call, Google search history shows she was looking for bus tickets, ‘Taken’ movie

They say that during that call, Carlee drove about 600 feet, roughly the length of six football fields, while allegedly following the boy she claims to have seen.

More disturbing were her Google searches performed on her cell phone just before the time she went missing.

Police say that on July 13, the day she disappeared, she searched for “how to get money from a cash register without getting caught,” two searches related to Amber Alerts, and the maximum age for such alerts.

He also reportedly searched for the movie “Taken,” a 2008 film in which human traffickers take a father’s estranged daughter into sexual slavery shortly after arriving in Paris on vacation.

Carlee allegedly also searched for bus tickets from Birmingham to Nashville, with a departure date set for the same day she disappeared.

Police release details of Carlee’s version of story, say they can’t verify her claims

Authorities also released a bit more information about Carlee’s story.

She claims that after approaching the girl, a man grabbed her and took her into the woods. She later told police in her initial interview that she was placed in an 18-wheeler.

Investigators said there was no evidence to suggest a young child was walking on Interstate 459 beyond Carlee’s 911 call, according to a news release sent Tuesday (July 19).

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She said that there was a woman there too, but she could only hear her voice and never actually saw her. She described the man as having orange hair with a bald spot.

The Hoover Police Department says it has since requested a follow-up interview with her. However, they say that Carlee herself has denied them that request.

They went on to say that they could not verify their initial statement about the 18-wheeler and the orange-haired man. A police officer added that there is no threat to the public in this particular case.

Police don’t intend to press charges against Carlee, they say only she can tell what really happened

When asked if Carlee could be charged with wasting state and federal resources, a Hoover police official said they were glad she was home and that was their goal throughout this case.

The official said only Carlee can really say what happened to her during those 49 hours she was missing.

They added that they respect your privacy and will not divulge any more information obtained from your cell phone.

the shadow room The case was initially reported after she turned up at her parents’ home on Saturday (July 15) after going missing on July 13.

His parents had gone on record before Wednesday’s news. They had previously insisted that Carlee had been kidnapped. Her parents also said that she “definitely fought for her life” in an interview with NBC News.

This is a developing story, be sure to check back with the shadow room for more updates as they come.

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