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‘House of the Dragon’: When Episode 6 Drops in Your Time Zone

Sunday’s episode of House of the Dragon is one of the biggest yet. In the episode 5 climax, Rhaenyra Targaryen married Ser Laenor Velaryon under less than propitious circumstances. ace episode 6 sneak peek shows, the Sunday show takes place more than a decade later. The Dance of the Dragons is drawing near.

House of the Dragon takes place 190 years before Daenerys Targaryen became the Mother of Dragons. While Game of Thrones focused on families from all over Westeros and beyond, House of the Dragon narrows his focus to the Targaryens. Based on the book Fire and Look by George RR Martin, it chronicles the rise and subsequent fall of House Targaryen.

I like it game of Thrones before, House of the Dragon will air one episode at a time. (And we now i know it will come back for a second season.) It has the old prime time from its predecessor: Sunday at 9 pm (Pacific Time). The show will hit streaming services around the world at the same time, including HBO Max in the US.

This is when House of the Dragon comes to a TV or streaming service near you, no matter where you are in the world.

When is House of the Dragon airing in my time zone?

house of the dragon airs on HBO at 9pm PT/ET, but hits HBO Max at 9pm ET — meaning those on the West Coast can watch it three hours early (6 pm PT) on the streaming service. Those in the UK and Ireland will have to stay up late as the show airs on Sky UK at 2am the next day. In Australia, it will air on Foxtel and Binge at 11am AEST.

Here are some other time zones, as well as the channels and streaming services that the next episode of House of the Dragon will be available on.

Canada, Crave: 9:00 p.m., September 25.
Latin America, HBO Max: 9:00 p.m., September 25.
Portugal, HBO Max: 2 a.m., September 26.
Spain, HBO Max: 3 a.m., September 26.
Italy, Sky Italy: 3 a.m., September 19.
Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, HBO Max: 3 a.m., September 26.
Germany and Austria, Sky Germany: 3 a.m., September 26.
Switzerland, RTS: 3 a.m., September 26.
Israel, Cellcom: 4 a.m., September 26.
Middle East, NSO: 5 in Dubai Time, September 26.
Japan, U Next: 10 a.m., September 26.
Singapore, HBO Asia: 9 a.m., Sept. 26
New Zealand, Sky SoHo: 1:00 p.m., September 26.

Game of Thrones was one of the world’s most acclaimed serial dramas, famous for bringing the production of Hollywood blockbusters to your television. Some of the highlights of the program. faded in the last two seasonsHowever, as the HBO show was created at a faster rate than Martin could produce new books. The sixth book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series, The Winds of Winter, is known for constant delays.

Fortunately, House of the Dragon allows HBO to recopy Martin’s notes. The show is based on Fire and Blood, a book Martin wrote in 2018. Fire and Blood is the first of two volumes Martin is writing about the Targaryen dynasty – House of the Dragon continues about halfway through.


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