The photo may have been removed
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Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green trended on Twitter on the last day of Gay Pride month.

Leaked cellphone video shows the 21-year-old California native between another man’s legs on a bed, as a third man looks on. it is a family oriented blog, therefore the video will not be posted here. But it’s not hard to find in You will need to be logged in to view the clip on Twitter.

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Rockets fans weren’t surprised by the video. pull went viral last year when she wore a pretty pink Versace bag during the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week.

Jalen was born in Merced, California to a Filipino mother and a black father who abandoned their family. Jalen’s stepfather, Marcus Green, is a former basketball player.

The photo may have been removed

Jalen reportedly dated Instagram model Breah Hicks, who previously dated Sean Combs’ son Christian Combs when they were in high school.

Check out Jalen’s highlight video below.