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Everyone is always excited about summer fun and warm weather, but I’m not. It’s a reminder that my lymphatic flow not good. Swollen ankles and feet get a little more support with socks and good boots. Flip flops and sandals not only don’t reduce swelling, they don’t hide it either 😬.

My lymphatic problems started shortly after taking Depo Provera. natality control. I have my theories as to why that affected him, but of course there has never been any support from our current healthcare model. “Just wear tights all the time. Oh are your knees doing that now? Just wear taller socks!” It’s an endless cycle, I think, taking that approach. I wanted to do something about it besides having hand cramps every morning and strangling my ankles in my socks!

I found 2 approaches that are useful. I support the lymphatic system with herbs (tinctures, teas, and lotions) and movement (rebounding, gentle exercise, dry brushingand lymphatic self-massage).

There are 5 amazing herbs that can help, and they can be right in your own backyard!

5 Garden Herbs to Promote Lymphatic Detoxification

violets are diuretics (increase urine production which promotes the elimination of toxins and fluids, helping the kidneys and generally relieving lymphatic congestion) to help fluid flow (S) and dissolve thick/hard fluid in the lymph (S)

Dandelion It is also a diuretic (S), so it helps in a similar way to violets: the leaves are most often used for this purpose. It is also anti-inflammatory to help as well.

Burdock it is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants (helps maintain healthy lymphatic tissues from fewer free radicals), as well as being known to detoxify/purify fluids and stimulate the lymphatic system (S)

Butcher Knife is well known to promote lymphatic drainage as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory (S)

Red clover is an antioxidant that is also known to stimulate lymphatic flow, purify the blood, and improve blood pressure (S) which can support lymphatic flow, balance hormones to reduce waste in the lymph (S), and support the immune system (which is closely intertwined with the lymphatic system) (S)

How to use these herbs to support lymphatic flow

You can use these herbs in DIY:

I also love a cream from Earthley called lymphatic cream. It is made with cleavers and burdock root along with apricot oil, Beaver oilkokum Butter, calendula, yarrowand ginger.

Herbs can be of great help for all kinds of problems. When it comes to lymphatic issues, it’s great to incorporate these 5 and also remember to drink plenty of water and breathe deeply. Results take a while, but overall my body feels stronger every day. I feel healthier, and that is always the goal!

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Have you used herbs from your garden to help you?

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