How Do Online Casino Companies Make Money?


The business of online casinos is booming like never before. It’s clear that they’re making money, and despite what many people may think, they’re not scams. Online casinos use algorithms and business models that make it virtually impossible to tamper with their games. Given their status as legitimate gambling empires, how do they make all their money?


Several casino games collect commissions before the game starts. Poker is an example of such a game because the casino’s only role is that of the dealer. They make no money off the game itself. 

Players place their bets and the casino automatically takes a percentage of each one. Some casinos have a flat rate for commissions, so players pay a flat fee before starting their game. 

House Edge

The house edge is a critical concept for how casinos generate income on real money casino games. This formula ensures that players consistently lose a small percentage of their money when they play. Some games have a very low house edge, around 1%, while others have house edges as high as 25%. Regardless of the percentage, this is how much the casino expects to retain from players in the long term. A low house edge does not mean you’re less likely to lose money.

Games like roulette and slots have a low house edge but earn casinos the highest amount of profit. Why is this? These games can be played quickly, and they are games of chance. There is no way for either the casino nor the player to know the outcome of any spin, but the house edge guarantees the casino a certain amount of profit during play. Because the games are short, players can bet on multiple games in a short period of time. The casino earns its profits on the total amount of bets placed rather than on each individual wager.

Free Cash

Most online casinos offer you free cash when you sign up. It’s a way to draw new players to the site, but there’s a catch. In most cases, you will need to fund your account with a deposit before you can use your free cash. Once you’ve done this, your credit card is attached to your account and you can add more with the click of a button. Be careful with this. This can easily lead to funds being charged to your credit card that you don’t realize you’re adding.

Online casinos need players to play with real money for them to make money. Once you’ve started placing your bets, the concepts of house edge and commissions will keep them earning a profit.

Free games

Similar to the concept of free cash is the offer of free games. When you sign up for an online casino, you will receive offers to try out new games for free for a limited amount of time. Sometimes bonuses are offered, but for the most part, these promotions are designed to get you hooked on the game. Once your free trial period is over, you’ll have to deposit real money to keep playing.


Casinos earn profits in a few different ways, but the house edge and the collection of commissions on games will always be their primary source of income. Casino games are designed to keep you playing long-term, and the longer you play, the more money the casino makes.


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