How do you keep the kids busy on vacation? Gul Panag has the answer


“As much as I appreciate and prioritize time to be together with family, that’s why we are here, I am acutely aware of the great moments of ‘motherhood’,” she wrote.

Gul Panag actively shared posts from his Maldives vacation, one post at a time. Her latest Instagram entry focuses on keeping kids busy on a vacation. She shared a photo with her son Nihal and wrote: “As we settled into the slow life and started to relax, we encountered the classic question. How to keep children busy on vacation? How do you have fun with children? (How do you relax and unwind with kids around?) These questions are on top of the mind for anyone with kids! And I’m certainly no exception. “The actress added:” As much as I value and prioritize family time, that’s why we’re here, I’m acutely aware of the toll that ‘motherhood’ takes. “
Fortunately for Gul, he found an answer in the form of a “lair”. He explained in his caption and added: “And we were happy (and we felt blessed) to discover the Tana. A large, in fact, a very large ‘play’ area for children composed among other things of a kitchen (where they learn to cook), a Lego room, a music room (with piano and drums), two swimming pools and a slide! And they have an excellent and trained staff. “

Sharing his experience, he wrote: “Nihal had an absolute blast at The Den. He made new friends and even found the courage to get into the pool (after over 20 months – he forgot he loved being in the water). Sunset stroll concluded the day. The icing on the cake was dinner on the beach, accompanied by an outstanding live performance, with a local Maldivian singer / guitarist and a French saxophone playing together for the first time that evening “.


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