How I got the Puma shoes worth Rs. 3999 for Rs. 850 | You can also take advantage of these Amazon offers


We all love discounts. But what if I told you? I got a huge discount on an already discounted product. In this article, I’m sharing how I got such huge discounts so you can take advantage of the discount on shoes too. If you want to avoid paying extra, read the full article.

It was just yesterday when I thought about buying shoes, and I’m a huge fan of Puma products. So, I logged into my Amazon account and searched for the right shoes for my needs. After much research, I found these Puma Movemax V1 Idp, Men’s Running Shoes. You can purchase this product from by clicking on this link. I liked it and thought I’d buy it instantly.

Puma Movemax V1 Idp, Men’s Running Shoes

The original price of the shoe was Rs. 3999, but since Amazon offers huge discounts to its various customers from time to time, it was available at a lower price 62.49% discount on the site, the price has become Rs 1500.

Original price Case 3999
Amazon discount 62.49% (Rs. 2,499)
Discounted price Rs 1500

After applying the bank offer, I received another one 10% discount then Rs. 150 was again deducted from the price. Shoes would cost me now Case 1350.

After the discounted price Rs 1500
Banking offer discount 10% (Rs. 150)
Price of the bank offer Case 1350

Then I remembered that I had a cashback coupon of Rs. 200 pending in my account, so I used that coupon. You can also check if you got it from clicking here. Now I was getting designer shoes for only Rs. 1150 even those with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. You can take advantage of this discount even if you have never shopped in the selected category or you are shopping on Amazon after a long time or you are a first time user.

200 refund coupons
Price after the bank offer Case 1350
Coupon refund Rs. 200
Post-coupon refund Case 1150

Thrift makes you do so many things, so I saved it in the cart and started looking for coupons so they cost me even less. Then I found another “AFS300” on the Google Chrome extension, Flipshop who gave me another reimbursement of Rs. 300 and I had branded and quality shoes to only R. 850.

Good AFS300
Good AFS300
Price After 200 Coupons Case 1150
Coupon refund Rs. 300
Post-coupon refund Rs. 850

This “AFS300” coupon It applies to all shoes and also to selected fashion products. The best part is that this coupon will be active October 30 again, and you can take advantage of this offer on 30 and 31 October. This coupon is only available if you buy for more than 1500 rupees. Hurry up and take advantage of this offer soon because it will only be active for 2 days or while stocks last.

* Rs. 200 coupons and AFS300 Coupons are Cashback coupons and will be credited to your Amazon Pay account.

Original price Case 3999
Amazon discount 62.49% (Rs. 2499)
Offer price of the post office 10% (Rs. 150)
Coupon refund Rs. 200
AF300 Post Cashback Coupon Rs. 300
Final price after all discounts Rs. 850

That’s how I got PUMA shoes worth Rs. 3999 for Rs. 850. You can also use the Flipshope extension that helps you find the best coupons available on the site you are shopping from. Coupons are automatically applied when you log into the extension.


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