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Written by Lizzie Howard / Reviewed by Ray Spotts

Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years and involves the use of medicine in a method that heals the mind, body and soul. Today more than ever, using medicinal methods like these helps you avoid drugs that have harmful chemicals and side effects on your body.

By implementing Ayurveda in your life, you can reap many benefits, but how exactly? Here are some benefits of Ayurveda and the use of the tea.

Increases immunity

Ayurvedic tea has the ability to improve the function of your immune system due to the antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties it contains. The herbs in these tea leaves can boost immune cell function, fight infection, and keep you healthy.

Even more, tea leaves not only fight infections but also help you heal faster when you are sick. Depending on the specific type of Ayurvedic tea you consume, some of them are particularly rich in flavonoids that can help support your immune system function.

Reduce stress

Whether it is work, family problems or others, we all have some problems in our lives at some point. Ayurveda tea leaves have the ability to reduce the amount of stress your body feels and help you relax during times of great stress. These teas have a calming effect and can also help you sleep better.

Additionally, Ayurveda tea leaves are caffeine free, which reduces the harsh effects of caffeine on your body when you replace it with Ayurveda tea. That being said, you won’t have jitters and you don’t have to limit your intake to just one cup a day.

Improves the digestive system

Tea in general contains properties that have the ability to facilitate the health of your digestive system. Whether you have indigestion or other irritable digestive system problems, it is always helpful to further benefit your body’s health. Ayurvedic teas are antispasmodic, which means they can calm irritable bowel syndrome.

Ayurvedic teas contain flowers and herbs that have a calming effect on the body and stomach. With that being said, you can consume the tea leaves any way you like. Whether powdered, such as chai powder, or in tea bags, you can reap the benefits of tea leaves in your digestive tract.

Promotes weight loss

In addition to being a healthier alternative to drinking caffeine or coffee every morning, Ayurveda tea leaves can even improve your health by increasing your success throughout your weight loss journey. It has the ability to boost your metabolism and increase the burning of fat that takes place in your body naturally.

Also, drinking tea can prompt your body to eliminate toxins in your digestive tract, ridding your body of harmful and unwanted elements. If you’re trying to lose weight and are drinking Ayurvedic tea specifically for that purpose, then consider looking into certain tea flavors, such as lemongrass, basil, cloves, and ginger.

Improves skin health

Ayurvedic teas contain elements in herbs and ingredients that have the ability to promote blood purification in your body, which not only increases blood circulation but also improves the health of your skin. The herbs and ingredients in Ayurvedic teas can also remove fats from the tissues, making your skin look healthier and better.


Lastly, Ayurvedic tea has the ability to promote detoxification of the body. Antioxidants and other ingredients help drain unwanted toxins and harmful elements from your body, promoting your overall health. Lemongrass tea specifically can stimulate digestion, which can remove toxins from your digestive tract.

Not only does it detoxify your body, but Ayurveda tea prevents the buildup of unwanted materials or toxins in your system. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, this tea can reduce the symptoms of diseases and cancers, such as chronic inflammation, breast cancer, and liver cancer.


Given the wide range of benefits and the positive effect it can have on your overall life, consider giving Ayurveda and tea a try. There is a range of different tea flavors you can choose from, and you can have it hot or cold. There are also additives you can use to further enhance the flavor.

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Lizzie Howard is a Colorado native who, after graduating from the University of Colorado, spends her time as a freelance writer. When Lizzie isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking, baking for her friends and family, and spending time with her beloved yellow Lab, Sparky.

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Founder Ray Spotts has a passion for all things natural and has conducted a living study of nature as it relates to health and wellness. Ray became a pioneer in marketing products that are extraordinarily effective and free of potentially harmful chemicals and additives. For this reason, Ray formed Trusted Health Products, a company you can trust for clean, effective and healthy products. Ray is an organic gardener, he enjoys fishing, hiking, and teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses. He can get his book for free, “How to Succeed in Business Based on God’s Word,” at

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