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How Serious is Plagiarism in College?

Studying in college often demands writing essays and course papers. You may study technical subjects and do not have many writing skills. So, writing 100% non-plagiarized papers from scratch is difficult for many students. They have no experience in this if they are not linguists. For this reason, you may think about pasting some plagiarized parts into your paper. Some colleges do not check papers for plagiarism. It also depends on the importance and level of the work. So, is plagiarism a serious issue in college?

The answer depends on your college and what type of plagiarism you use. 

Consequences of Using Plagiarism

Let’s look at the most important risks you may suffer from using plagiarism in your college studies.

  1. The reduction of your grade. You can get a low grade if your professor notices the plagiarized sentences. For some papers, it is stated in the instructions. The bigger the plagiarism rate, the lower mark you get. You may see in the instructions what percent is acceptable.
  2. You may fail your exams. If you paste plagiarism in an important grade paper, this may impact your result. You may not be accepted for exams. So, you will fail to graduate this year. You will need to wait for another year and pass the exams one more time. Another option is to pass them another time and lose your grants.
  3. You may be expelled from the college. In some colleges, plagiarism is a very serious issue. The professors may apply for your expulsion. Sometimes, professors give you a black mark on the diploma. When you apply for a job, your employer will see this offense. So, you may not get the job you want.

Types of Plagiarism in College

The consequences of plagiarism in college also depend on its type. What are the main types of plagiarism?

  • You do it accidentally. This means that a student creates sentences already existing on the internet. You may write them by yourself, and they are the same. To avoid such instances, you should check your work using plagiarism checking tools. If you see a plagiarized sentence, try to write it in other words.
  • Intentional plagiarism. A serious offense is pasting whole paragraphs without paraphrasing them. This is not your work and does not include any academic importance. Another case is when you poorly paraphrase the existing sentences. To create a completely original paper, you should write it yourself. This is supposed to be your own research including your thoughts and knowledge about it. If you write some facts or definitions, you should cite the author’s name. This will also give your paper more credibility. If you plagiarize intentionally, you risk a lot. The college may give you the lowest mark for the course, and expel you. Some kinds of plagiarism impact your future work. The employers will not accept you. They will know that you do not have your own knowledge and expertise.

How to Avoid Plagiarism: Possible Ways

It is important to deliver a completely original work to your professor. But it is not always easy. What tips can you use to reduce your plagiarism percent?

First of all, you should cite all the sources you take information from. For example, you see a useful and credible article on the Internet. You can use this information, but you need to state that you aren’t the author. It is necessary to cite the author if you write statistics, numbers, definitions, or facts. You should also note this if you describe an author’s theory. How can you do this? You may start the sentence with ‘According to…’ to refer to the author. You will describe their findings and discuss the results.

The citations you make should be presented on the Reference List. You need to include it at the end of your paper with correct formatting. There are different formatting styles and strict rules for each of them. It is necessary to format your references using the style your professor states.

When your paper is finished, check it with plagiarism checker tools. These are websites that will show you plagiarized sentences. This will let you avoid unintentional plagiarism. You will see the words and terms you should find synonyms for.

As an option, you can always address expert writing services online e.g. WriteMyPaperHub which will provide you with non-plagiarized papers prepared by professional academic writers in a strict accordance with your essay requirements.

What plagiarism checking tools can you use? One of the best tools you can use for free is Copyscape. If you need more thorough research, you may pay for professional plagiarism checkers. This is also applicable if your professor demands an originality report. In this case, you should ask them what tool they prefer. There is also a useful resource named Grammarly. Apart from finding plagiarism, it also checks the paper for grammatical mistakes. Then the tool shows you correct results.

What is better, free or paid plagiarism checkers? Different plagiarism checker tools have different accuracy. Free ones do not often show all the sentences that are not original. They also do not show the plag percentage. So, only a few programs are considered credible and admitted in colleges.

If writing papers is too difficult for you, there is an option to use a professional writing service. In this case, you can address an expert in your subject. The writers have much experience in writing and knowledge in your discipline. They deliver original works in time. So, you will get quality paper for a low price. And your professor will give you the highest mark.


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