How to automatically empty the recycle bin in Windows 11


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To permanently delete your files, you need to manually empty the Recycle Bin on your PC. If you find this chore to be boring, you can automate the process of emptying the Recycle Bin. We will show you how to do this in Windows 11.

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Empty the Recycle Bin on a schedule in Windows 11

To automatically delete files in the Recycle Bin, use Windows’ Memory detection function. This feature helps you to delete various files on your PC, including downloaded and deleted files.

To get started, first open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + i keys at the same time.

In Settings, click “System”.


On the “System” page, scroll down and click “Storage”.

On the “Storage” screen, in the “Storage Management” section, click “Storage Sense”.


The “Storage Sense” page has an option called “Auto Clean User Content”. Enable this option to enable storage sense.

To enable

On the same page, click the “Run Storage Detection” drop-down menu and select when you want to run this function. Note that this option does not define how long your files should be in the Recycle Bin to be considered for deletion. Configure this option in the next step.

Choose the option “Every day”, “Every week”, “Every month” or “During the free disk space insufficient”.

Please select an option from

Then, to choose how long a file should remain in the Trash before Storage Sense deletes it, click the “Delete files in Trash if they’ve been there for longer” drop-down menu and select an option.

Your options are “Never”, “1 day”, “14 days”, “30 days” and “60 days”.

Please select an option from

Grade: Sense of storage affects other files on your PC, such as your downloaded files. On the Storage Sense page, be sure to adjust how Storage Sense treats them.

To run Storage Sense immediately, scroll down the “Storage Sense” page all the way down and click “Run Storage Sense Now”.


And you are good to go. Storage Sense will now automatically empty the contents of the Recycle Bin at the specified interval.

As you clean your PC, consider learning other ways to free up disk space in Windows.

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