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Cottagecore is one of the most popular aesthetics right now, and it can also add a feeling of warmth and coziness to your home. But how exactly do you bring more of this style into your space? Here are some tips you can use to bring more homey vibes into your life.

Here are 4 ways to bring Cottagecore vibes into your life.

bring wooden furniture

According to a Houzz survey, about 72.7% of people They report that furniture design reflects their personality, agreeing that you can tell a lot about someone by the type of furniture they own. If you’re looking for a cabin vibe, consider adding more natural wood furniture to your home. Solid wood furniture is strong and durable, and it looks great. Wood furniture brings a cozy warmth to any space. It is elegant in its simplicity and brings a bit of the outdoors. inside.

Opt for metal and wood cookware

Bring that natural theme into your kitchen with metal and wood cookware. Pieces, like hammered copper pans and elegant or even weathered cutting boards, convey a beautiful, functional style that epitomizes the country vibe. Also, this type of cookware puts up with good use. Family-style recipes and meals can feed four to five peopleand metal cookware is highly durable for preparing larger meals.

Use delicate glassware

Delicate glassware is a great way to add that sense of feminine charm the cottage is known for. Opt for glassware that has floral engravings or painted designs. Don’t feel limited to one shape either. while having a glass of wine normally 6oz, and you may want to use traditional wine glasses, stemless floral wine glasses can be just as beautiful as stemmed ones. When the glasses are not in use, feel free to display them on their open shelves.

Make the move to a more rural area

Can you imagine living on a small farm in a beautiful country house with the window wide open, letting your curtains blow in the wind? If you can, consider making your dream come true. According to Successful Farmers, sales of rustic farms have remained constant since 2022, and not every rural property is a large-scale farm. A small house with enough acres would give her enough space to raise chickens and grow herbs and vegetables.

Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic, and you can incorporate this aesthetic into your life in multiple ways. Whether you’re ready to start your own garden outside your home or an interior design makeover is more your style, consider the tips above to bring more of your favorite style into your life.

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